Diploma in Environmental Reclamation Technician

Medicine Hat College

UG Certificate / Diploma


24 Months


CAD$ 13,999/year

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CAD$ 75

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Canada, Alberta

Type: College

Location Type: Urban

Founded: 1965

Total Students: 8,888 +

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299 College Drive Southeast, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3Y6, Canada

Diploma in Environmental Reclamation Technician

Program Overview

Environmental reclamation is the returning of lands disturbed from mining, oil and gas activities, transportation, or logging back into either economically productive or natural habitats. As an environmental reclamation technician, you will provide the expertise and support to carry out the reclamation and re-vegetation of these disturbed lands.

Our two-year diploma program was designed by employers to include specific training essential for this career while focusing on the unique environmental conditions of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. You will develop your skills and knowledge in

  • Surveying and mapping,
  • Water and soil studies,
  • Botany and plant taxonomy,
  • Agronomy,
  • Weed control,
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring,
  • Environmental law,
  • Legislation and
  • Reclamation technologies.

Course-related field trips and fieldwork may take place on weekends or may require overnight travel. Participation in all activities related to field trips and fieldwork is mandatory.

On-the-job duties may include coordination of field activities for monitoring and sample collection, data analysis, development of reclamation plans, carrying out environmental assessments, researching the history of well-sites, completion of documents and reports, supervision or implementation of weed management measures, or providing technical support for erosion and sediment control.

At the conclusion of the program, you will undergo a 220-hour work experience practicum where you will put your learning into practice and build essential industry contacts. The environmental field is rapidly expanding and the demand for individuals with the required knowledge, skills and practical experience is increasing. Even during slowdowns in the oil and gas industry, the employment outlook for reclamation professionals remains strong.

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