Graduate Certificate in Alcoholic Beverages Management (Optional Co-Op)

Centennial College - Progress Campus

Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma


12 Months


CAD 14,080/year

Tuition Fee

CAD 125

Application Fee

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Canada, Ontario

Type: College

Location Type: Urban

Founded: 1966

Total Students: 26,000 +

Int. Students: 9,000 +

Campus Detail

Main Campus Address

941 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON M1G 3T8, Canada

Graduate Certificate in Alcoholic Beverages Management (Optional Co-Op)

Program Overview

Centennial College launched its Advanced Business Management - Alcoholic Beverages program in response to the demand for savvy business people to take the reins in Canada's $40-billion wine, beer and spirits industry.

Through business courses taught by industry experts, you'll gain practical experience and insight into how the business of alcoholic beverages is managed. This Alcoholic Beverages business program will cover topics such as category and supply chain management, accounting and marketing while also highlighting the global regulatory framework and good corporate social responsibility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Manage and control different aspects of an alcohol-related enterprise by accounting, finance, analytics and general business best practices;
  • Plan and manage product distribution and retail systems to achieve business success, comply with legislative requirements and meet social responsibility obligations;
  • Analyze local and global markets to position products using appropriate sales and marketing strategies;
  • Interpret import and export regulations to determine opportunities and challenges within the business structures of the alcoholic beverages industry;
  • Develop strategies to optimize product and market opportunities, including brand development and positioning;
  • Conduct business in compliance with relevant national and international law, regulations, ethical standards and corporate social responsibility;
  • Use human resources best practices to recruit, motivate, resolve labour relations issues and manage culturally sensitive situations;
  • Act entrepreneurially by researching and operationalizing business opportunities within the alcoholic beverages industry;
  • Develop strategies to assess the impact and opportunities associated with the globalization of the alcoholic beverages industry;
  • Develop personal and professional development strategies and plans to enhance leadership, management skills and expertise.

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