What is the

Outreach Program?

With the vision of increasing access to quality education to the interiors of the region, iApply is actively developing a strategic network of referral partners throughout India. Any individual or institution with an access to yearning students may apply to become part of our initiative and support their students in pursuing a Canadian education. Our Outreach Model allows qualified candidates to refer students to iApply using the Outreach Platform and track their application progress with Canam while earning rewards for the same.

All agency activities, from student counselling & applications to visa filing are undertaken by Canam to ensure that students get a quality experience that has been developed over 25 years of presence and growth.

The Outreach Model has been developed with a dual focus on enhancing access to education to students as well as enabling domestic education providers who work as our referral partners to boost their earnings.

How the

Model Works?

Apply’s Outreach Model has been designed by using sophisticated technology while keeping simplicity at its core. Upon being approved by Canam, referral partners may begin referring students to iApply using the platform while also tracking their progress with Canam & observing their earnings in real-time.


Click on the “Become A Partner” tab and submit the necessary details along with uploading your identification documents for review ( Additional documents may be required incase you represent a business organization).


Using your account, you may quickly begin referring students along with tracking their progress and your potential as well as actual earnings in real-time.


Upon approval, the iApply team will forward to you a username and password via text message which you may then use for logging into your Outreach Account.

Who May

Become a Partner?

Any individual or institution with an access to students may be eligible to become our Referral Partner. An ideal partner is one who has continuous access to students seeking an international education.

IELTS training centres, schools, colleges & other coaching institutes, teachers/professors are some examples of the same.

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Canam does not engage in a sub-agent model and all Outreach Partners are merely our referralpartners who do not undertake any agency functions.