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Multiply your chances of admission success with our multiple applications platform!

Applying to only one institution is like putting all your eggs in one basket. However, applying to several may not be the easiest task either.

Before you even know, you are already drowning in college applications while looking for quality education. There are many top universities and colleges across Canada, and you spend hours going through many different websites to know what they are offering. While trying to find the right university and course, you get confused and disorganized. After all, trying to keep up with the information gathered from all the different universities' websites is tough. Naturally, when flooded with information, varied and confusing, you end up filling a dozen application forms, which becomes extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

Does the application process have to be this frustrating and tedious?

CANAM has devised a platform that will reduce the pain points faced in the application process.

To save you from filling the same information over and over again, uploading the same sets of documents every time you start a new application, we introduce you to Multi-Apply, which is a feature of our artificially intelligent platform, iApply. You just have to make your profile and upload all your important documents only once and leave the rest to Multi-Apply. You will find all the information regarding different universities and programs on one platform. And then, you can process multiple applications from a single platform.

We feel your predicament, as the worst part is that you're not sure if you are eligible for a program, you're applying to, and you end up wasting your time and money. iApply analyses the student's profile and presents you with a large number of courses matching your eligibility criteria and preference.