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iApply is an extensive, AI powered online platform which has been drafted exclusively to make the international college application process smooth. Our Smart Advisor uses a complex algorithm which makes finding a suitable college or university an effortless process for you. We have carefully designed our software to help you apply for your desired programs at the top institutions in the most efficient manner.

The artificially intelligent software is equipped to provide you with thoroughly researched details about renowned educational institutions across Canada. We have worked relentlessly to build individually designed portfolios of each and every institution on our website. iApply constitutes of a comprehensive framework where you can use our exclusive filters and find the desired program. Narrow your options based on eligibility, discipline, location, educational institution and so on, thereby making the application process less tedious. To ensure convenience our multiple applications feature called MULTIAPPLY has made the process even more favorable and user friendly.

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iApply has developed a well detailed list of courses and programs at colleges and universities throughout Canada. From under-graduate degrees and diplomas, to postgraduate degrees and certificate courses we have numerous options for you. You can search programs based on eligibility, disciplines, tuition fee, length, work permit availability, college location and so on. We give you access to nearly 7000 programs in highly acclaimed institutions across Canada helping you unwind the best career opportunities

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As soon as you finalize a program and school, the next step is to complete the online profile and apply for the selected program. This is followed by the process of paying the application fee and submitting all the required documents in the dashboard. The excruciating process of college applications has been made less painful as a result of iApply. We save you from the laborious process of applying to a number of colleges individually as at iApply, you can apply to multiple institutions from a single platform.


Letter of Acceptance

After submitting the application you may have to wait for at least 4-6 weeks for the offer letter to arrive. Throughout the process, we will be in touch with you and keep you updated. You can continuously track all your applications and their progress through your account. The application along with all other documents and details is thoroughly reviewed by the officials of the respective college/university and then the final call is made.

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Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance, filing for a Visa is the next step. Securing a Visa is one of the most complicated and crucial aspects of this process. A small mistake could crumple your lifelong dream. Let our diligent visa experts take that burden off of you. At Canam Consultants we have a 95% visa approval rate. From guiding the students for the interview at the VISA Consulate to fact checking the documents and a visa officer supervising the application, we will carry you through the entire process.



Upon receiving your VISA, it is now time to pack your bags and get ready to embark on a new adventure. During this time you will feel apprehensive as well as excited. The nervousness of leaving for a foreign land and the elation of starting a new life can be overwhelming. You can check out your college brochure, speak to other students like yourself, look into lodging facilities, and saying goodbye to your loved ones.

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iApply has exclusively been designed to conserve your time, money and energy. It aims at simplifying the otherwise taxing process of international college applications enabling you to do the most work in the least amount of time. This is our initiative at helping you build YOUR future, studying YOUR chosen program at the most highly acclaimed universities and colleges YOU chose for yourself.