How it Works

Developed for your holistic application processing

Incorporating next-generation features

  • a click of the button allows students to apply for multiple programs across various universities/ colleges during the admission cycle
  • our AI powered platform eliminates the need to upload and submit similar documents, multiple times
  • students achieve faster turn-around times due to the seamless processing of multiple applications

Being a result-driven platform, iApply processes applications exclusively through its proprietary admissions management system that,

  • has taken millions of man hours to conceptualize and develop, over the last 23 years.
  • tracks and informs students about their application status and admission offer letters, through an automated system
  • advises students on both, fee deposit due dates and the critical visa filing timelines/ processes
  • enables effective and ongoing communication with the student
  • minimizes manual processes and physical presence, offering streamlined online assistance

The amalgamation of innovative technologies with human accuracy, has us offering all stakeholders,

  • document verification using blockchain
  • computer vision analysis of documents through machine learning
  • quality compliance through our team of document analysts, who check and verify each document before submission.

The experience and expertise of our advisors, coupled with the efficiencies of machine learning algorithms,

  • assists students to select and apply for the perfect course, at the right institute and location, through predictive analysis
  • empower iApply to simplify the complex processes and deliver optimal international education advice
  • provide personalized and smarter solutions that enhance student success
  • enable iApply to provide a supportive and engaging platform for both, students and parents.

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iApply is an innovative solution developed to assist students search, select and apply to their choice course and institute. This robust artificial intelligence based application platform has been developed by pioneers in the field of international education and tested by 100's of counselors, who've assisted hundreds of thousands of students successfully. Students get access to their own full-featured dashboard, for effective and efficient management of their applications. Also, students can engage with their online advisors to receive expert admissions advice, from the comfort of their homes. Now, planning for education abroad doesn't need to be stressful, we're just a click away.


Through iApply, institutions get access to a qualified, verified and diversified pool of international student applications. Our online application management platform provides convenience, efficiency, confidentiality and faster processing for both, institutes and students. Being an intelligent, responsive and communicative system, institutions can effectively engage with students and online counselors, to provide application status reports or valued feedback. We provide a seamless application process, with less effort and more success.

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