Golden Hills School Division No. 75

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Type: School

Location Type: Rural

Founded: 1995   Total Students: 7,000+


Golden Hills School Division is a state school authority located in Strathmore, Alberta and is home to approximately 7000 students. Golden Hills School Division has 15 regular schools, 2 Christian alternative schools, 2 virtual schools and 2 outreach schools, 19 Hutt rite schools, and an international program with 300 students from 30 countries. Golden Hills is like a global community located in midst of rural Alberta. Students are offered to participate in a number of programs such as the Connections Program, Early Literacy Program, Early Numeracy Program, English as a Second Language (ESL), Learning Support Programs, Family School Community Resource Program and Project HOPE. 

Golden Hills Schools also offers virtual learning programs online for students who wish to learn from the comforts of their homes. It has two schools with home learning programs. North Star Academy is an online school that offers Christian educational choices including online learning, an Individualized Learning program, and traditional homeschool. The Employment opportunities are phenomenal, along with a number of teacher opportunities and jobs, students can also join a variety of other fields as a profession.

The students and employees contribute to their community through service in local schools, prisons, nursing homes, summer camps, hospitals, churches, immigration support groups, service clubs like Rotary, and street-level non-profit agencies designed to serve those who are marginalized and in need of support.

Campus Detail

Main Campus Address

435 A Highway #1 Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1J4

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