University of Windsor

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Type: University

Location Type: Urban

Founded: 1857   Total Students: 16,321+

Int. Students: 3,753+


One of the most affordable universities in the region, University of Windsor offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Social Work, Nursing, and Human Kinetics. With more than 16,321 students from over a 100 countries, the place is a perfect balance of dynamism, cultural diversity and cross culture exposure, making sure that all the students, local or international, feel at home at all times.

Situated next to the busiest international border crossing of North America and overlooking the Detroit River, Canada’s most beautiful waterfronts, the University of Windsor’s location speaks of it as multi-faceted and international institute that helps the faculty and the staff to provide the best education, research and scholarship facilities to the diverse student body making them innovative and ready to take over the ever demanding and the ever changing job market.

The small class sizes and a perfect arrangement of clubs, associations and social work projects provide the students with a cohesive learning environment. The University of Windsor also helps the students to gain Canadian work experience through its internships, paid assistantships and co-op programs.

Campus Detail

Main Campus Address

401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, CA

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