Centennial College - Progress Campus

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Type: College

Location Type: Urban

Founded: 1966   Total Students: 26,000+

Int. Students: 9,000+


It has been over 52 years that Centennial College, Ontario’s first community college, opened its gates in 1966, and has ever since helped the students of not only the local community but across the globe. Today it stands proudly with over 100 ethnocultural groups and 80 languages being spoken on campus and values diversity in terms of communities and respects multi cultures.

One of the main focuses of all the campuses of Centennial College is to provide industry experience and practical exposure to the students making sure that they are ready for the job market. 94% of the employers who hire Centennial graduates are satisfied/ very satisfied with their hires.

Providing flexible programming, many graduation, post-graduation, and certificate and diploma programs, Centennial also offers options that give you an opportunity to complete one of your semesters in Spain, or maybe intern in South Africa or have a Global Citizenship learning experience in the Amazon Basin in particular courses.

While studying in Canada gives a student international exposure and opens up a world of opportunities for him, Centennial College provides the study related exposure and practical experience making sure all their graduates do meaningful work in the fields of their interest.

Programs Offered in Centennial College - Progress Campus

  • English As Secondary Language (ESL)
  • UG Certificate / Diploma
  • 4-Year Bachelor's Degree
  • Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma
  • Highlights

    • Centennial College was founded as Ontario’s first public college in 1966.
    • At Centennial College 100 ethno-cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus.
    • Centennial College offers more than 260 programs including: bachelor's degree, diploma, certificate, post-graduate certificate and apprenticeship programs.
    • Fostering communal harmony and compassion among students from different nationalities.
    • Providing students graduate success, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental stimulation.
    • Small classroom sizes and more interactive classrooms.
    • Centennial College has a total of five major campus locations as well as seven specialized academic schools.
    • Fist Nations Access Coordinators.
    • Co-educational Dormitories for group learning.
    • Place Based Learning.
    • Student Associations and Student Unions.
    • Numerous social and cultural events on campus.
    • Located in beautiful, picturesque locations for students to explore.
    • Learning Assistance and Network.
    • Campus tours and field trips for students.
    • Athletics and Sports Facilities.
    • Major services for international students.
    • Services for physically challenged, disabled and handicapped.

    Campus Detail

    Main Campus Address

    941 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON M1G 3T8, Canada

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