CDI College - Scarborough

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Type: College

Location Type: Semi-Urban

Founded: 1970   Total Students: 8,000+


Founded more than 40 years ago, CDI College has been educating students in the fields related to healthcare, technology and business and training them for meaningful careers post the completion of their programs.  

The programs offered at the college are market-driven and highly accelerated and practical to develop the skills required for the graduates to excel in the job market. The class sizes are small as a result of which every student gets personalized attention from the experienced and dedicated faculty members who are accomplished in their respective industries.

With more than twelve campuses in Canada, CDI College builds market ready individuals from students. The on-campus support teams assist the students at every step of their journey, starting from the admission process to helping the students’ secure meaningful jobs on the completion of their graduation.

Programs Offered in CDI College - Scarborough

  • UG Certificate / Diploma
  • Highlights

    • CDI College offers numerous courses in the fields of business, technology and health care.
    • CDI College has a total of 23 campus locations which comprise of six locations in BC, eight locations in Alberta, one in Manitoba, three in Ontario and five campus locations in Quebec.
    • Fostering communal harmony and compassion among students from different nationalities.
    • Students enjoy the advantages of a small, vigorous academic community while having access to all courses, facilities, and services of CDI College.
    • Providing students graduate success, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental stimulation.
    • Small classroom sizes and more interactive classrooms.
    • CDI College also provides Inter-Faculty Programs offering cross-departmental majors like Forensics, Environmental studies and Arts & Science concentration.
    • Student Associations and Student Unions.
    • Numerous social and cultural events on campus.
    • Located in beautiful, picturesque locations for students to explore.
    • Campus tours and field trips for students.
    • Academic Support Services and Resources
    • Research focused institutes such as Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Institute for Community Prosperity and so on.
    • Highly Qualified Faculty and Trained Staff.

    Campus Detail

    Main Campus Address

    2206 Eglinton Ave E #205, Scarborough, ON M1L 4S8, Canada

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