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Why iApply is the Best Platform to Choose Study Abroad Programs in 2021

Thu September 17, 2020     710

The procedure to apply to top Canadian colleges and universities has never been easier. There are a few processes that seem long, formal and tedious, and we always think to ourselves if they can be done away with or at least made easier. iApply, powered by AI, is a platform that makes the process of choosing and applying to academic institutes across Canada, simpler and hassle-free.

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Students’ study abroad dreams are furthered when they are able to select a program or university of their choice. The platform that iApply is, is backed by strong technology that makes the display of results efficient and relevant. Its well thought and designed functions and features make it one of the most supreme platforms for this purpose.


Search – With more than ten thousand programs to choose from more than three hundred options of academic institutions, it is one of the best websites to search for the most favorable options and alternatives.
Shortlist –The programs and educational institutes that get displayed as results of the candidate’s search come with details of admission requirements, facts, opportunities, scholarships and more information about the institutes. The user has the option of shortlisting the options they believe will fit their profile.
Compare – iApply’s platform lets the students compare programs and institutes with all the given and shortlisted institutes. When a student signs up, they get assigned to a smart advisor and students can also receive guidance and help in comparing and selecting the right option.
Apply – Once the options have been shortlisted and all the chances and priorities analyzed, students, can apply directly to academic institutes by filling in the information that they will be asked to, at different steps.


Search by Eligibility – This distinct feature allows the students to filter the choices relevant to their needs with their eligibility. By filling in the last academic qualification, scores and English language proficiency test scores, students can get program and college/university choices that are customized to suit their qualifications with alternatives at all levels of education and types of certification chosen by the user.            
Search by Institute – This is another way to explore options by filling in the preference of province or institute one is keen to take admission in. One sees all the shortlisted institutes or programs together as a list where they can compare all aspects and details to make the most effective decision for themselves.

Multiapply – Another unique feature, Multiapply lets the candidates apply to multiple academic institutes with one uploaded profile. A tech-powered platform like this makes the procedure more manageable by making a student profile with the scanned documents which are further used to apply to as many colleges or universities as one wants to.  

Doc Check – With this feature, the students’ documents get verified and checked for quality compliance before the final submission is made.


What makes it one of the finest platforms?

AI-powered – Artificial intelligence makes the whole process result-driven. Above everything, it brings the students tailored options making the search form thousands of options concise, to aid transparent and well-informed decision on the part of the candidate.  

Easily accessible – Everyone can realize the boon of technology in the form of its accessibility. This one too can be accessed anytime and anywhere with a computer system or mobile and once signed–up the user will receive a call form smart advisors within the next 48 hours.   

User-friendly – Its uncomplicated user interface makes the procedure of applying effortless for the user. Easy to fill in forms and simple and organized display of choices, makes it a hassle-free experience for people of all ages.  

Efficient – The efficiency of the platform can be seen in the way the choices to study in Canada get refined on the basis of the criteria filled by the candidate. The choice of modifying filters remains with the student at all stages of their search which makes the experience compelling and quick. The platform is designed to provide tools that get the job done in a trouble-free manner for students to facilitate their ambitions of studying in top colleges and universities in Canada.

But if you’re still stuck at something and want assistance, give us a call at 1800 890 1775 or log on to iapply.io today. We'd be happy to help.