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What is The Passport Renewal Process for Indian Students Living in Canada?

Sat February 15, 2020     1251

It is of paramount importance that if you wish to study abroad, you must keep all your documents in check. Relevant certificates like passport, proofs of identification, academic records, Visa documents, and several other significant documents must be kept in order if you wish to go to a foreign nation for education. Canada is a very student-friendly country with extremely accessible student policies and a welcoming attitude, especially towards Indian students. However, you never know when something could go wrong, and it might even slip your notice.

Passport is the most crucial document while you are studying abroad, and hence, if anything were to go wrong with it, it could mean a big deal. 
A great deal of work goes into renewing your passport, but this whole process is critical and hence should be held into effect immediately. In this article, we shall elaborate on the entire process of passport renewal and the essential steps to be followed:

  •  The High Commission of India in Canada has new outsourcing agents called BLS International, and hence, you are required to contact them and deposit your form and fee directly.
  •   In addition to the fee structure mentioned on the website of the Indian High Commission, you are also required to pay a processing fee to BLS International.
  • Students need to carry a self-attested copy of their PR Card and original PR Card along with details of the institution and the program. 
  • Students also need to give a copy of their fee receipt as well as an ID of a school or college they go to as well address proof such as a provincial ID, Health care card, gas, or electricity bill.
  •   In case you have a work permit, you need to give the details of the employer as well as the period of employment.
  •   In case the applicant is not a Canadian citizen, he must provide his current immigration documents, like study or work permit, and with a self-attested photocopy of the same.
  • Once you acquire Canadian Nationality, you are required to handover the Indian passport to the Consulate General of Indian High Commission. 
  • In case your passport has is from over three years, the applicant is required to submit an affidavit in a particular format stating the non-acquisition of Canadian or any other country’s Nationality.
  •  You have to be physically present before the counselor to get a re-issued passport.
  •   In case the applicant has not yet received his Canadian citizenship, he is required to give a self-attested copy of non-acquisition as well as a Search Letter from Canadian authorities.
  •  You must also remember that once you’ve deposited the money to the authorities as well as BLS International. 
  •  You must also not forget that once you’ve filed the money to the authorities as well as BLS International, it shall not be refunded.
  •    A new passport can be issued almost a year before the final expiry date for up to 10 years.
  •  You must also remember that the original passport is physically verified from old records of the Passport Issuing Authority.
  •  Issuing and renewal of passport require 3-4 weeks of processing and finally procuring the passport.
  • There is a separate set of rules and regulations to be followed in case a person loses his/her passport.
  • There is a probability consulate calls the applicant for an interview, and in case of any missing documents, the office shall inform the applicant.

You must remember that a passport is the most critical legal proof of identity for a person and more so when you live in a foreign country. You must be very careful about your passport and keep it as safe as possible. You must not let time run out before you renew your passport, and everything must be well planned while you are in a foreign land.