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Visa Guidelines before going abroad

Mon February 17, 2020     808

The concerns of getting a visa or facing delays in your passport are one of the gravest fears a foreign applicant has. Getting your visa before the course commences or facing a rejection are things that one is worried about. Read through and find out what tips Program Explorer has for you.

Visa Assistance

Visa Requirement

Check whether your host nation needs a visa or not. A lot of nationalities have visa exemptions or give a visa on arrival. So make sure that you check the visa requirements or get an Immigration Expert to check it for you in case of any doubts.

Ease of Operation

A visa expert is bound to have way more information on the proceedings and the formalities than a foreign education applicant, for they do it multiple times even in a single day. And since they do it so often, they are acquainted with the changes in the laws and regulations so that we aren't caught up in any hassles. It also saves the applicant the mundane task of doing the manual work of the submissions, etc., all by himself.


Program Explorer has experts working for it and they for sure have way more information than an applicant on the visa process and the application. They not only know the legislation and the change in procedure, but are proficient in dealing with any kind of issues.

Saves time and effort

While applicants or their parents can spend days figuring out the details regarding the visa application, the visa experts at Program Explorer deal with the same every day. So instead of making mistakes and wasting your time to figure out details, talk to us.


The experts not only give important advice, but also keep in mind any changes or the vital procedure that need to be covered. And yes, it is always better and reassuring to have a professional do the work for you and present the application in such a way that the chances of visa denial are less.


An applicant might have to go for a visa interview post the application process. Program Explorer and its team of dedicated experts guide you and prepare you for the interview round at the consulate/ embassy so that there are minimum chances of you not getting a visa. Also make sure that you know about the course, the institution and your future plans as your inability to answer basic questions might lead to a rejection.

Visa Fees

Besides the visa fees, you might have to submit some processing fee as well. The fee is usually paid along with your application fee or might be paid post your visa interview. So make sure you have cash with you for the fee after your visa interview which is mostly accepted in cash only.

Visa takes time

All good things take time. Just make sure that you have applied for the visa well in advance because the processing takes time, sometimes months together. If you do not have the visa, you won't be able to enter your host country even if your classes have started. And don't forget to keep calm. If you have all the documents in order and the fee deposited, there aren't any major chances of visa rejection. It is just another administrative work and it does take some time.


Have photocopies with you when you go for the visa interview or even when you travel abroad because your documents might be scrutinized multiple times. So it is better to always have multiple photocopies of all your documents.

Blank Pages

Your passport needs to have five to six blank pages at the time of submission, even though the visa takes up a single page only. Get your passport renewed immediately if you don't have blank functional pages because many embassies require you to have at least two blank pages and a re-application might lead to additional fee, along with of course a delay in the process.

And while the wait for the visa is taxing and worrisome, if you have all the documents submitted properly, there are very bleak chances of your visa being rejected. And in case you have any doubt regarding the procedures and the process, it is always better to hire and take the advice of an expert if you don't want to face unnecessary rejections due to issues of missing documents or the documentation presentation. So contact Program Explorer anytime according to your convenience for any kind of advice. And once submitted, just sit back and relax. And oh, don't forget to pack.