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US or Canada: Which is a better choice for you?

Tue February 18, 2020     715

Are you planning to study abroad but confused about which country to choose between the US and Canada!

Canada and the US are the two most well-known English-talking nations in which students study and go to college. One of them is known for snow-topped mountains, its adoration for ice hockey. The other is eminent for its blasting activity advertises elevated requirements of living and its flourishing multicultural climate. We are discussing Canada and the USA. 
All in all, here is the unavoidable issue, would it be a good idea for you to apply to both the US and Canada for your postgraduate examinations? Or then again, would it be advisable for you to adhere to one? 
It is an inquiry that leaves numerous students scratching their heads, so let us attempt and get some clarity on it.

#Quality of Education
Of course, first and foremost is the quality of education which is offered by Canadian and American universities. This factor is central to your essential leadership process; it is a choice that will influence your life and profession.
While the facts demonstrate that the US has a restraining infrastructure in the training market, Canada isn't lingering behind. With a few top colleges like the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa, Canada is gradually making up for lost time with the US. As far as course structures, both nations are fundamentally the same. 

#What parameters need to study?  
Regardless of top-notch education and excellent faculty, there are many other parameters you need to take into consideration when you are considering your postgraduate program. You need to remember that this is the place where you will have to spend two years of your life. So, it is essential to consider other measures like the cost of living, public safety, employment opportunities, and weather, and student friendliness as well.

#Tuition and Scholarships
Few Colleges in the US and Canada provides students with liberal grants and awards to reduce the money related weight on students. In individual colleges where the emphasis is on a specific control, the colleges offer several scholarships to students who are applying to study in that order. 

#Living conditions and expenses
The most significant obstruction for understudies who are wishing to apply to Canada is the climate. Temperatures can plunge as low as - 25°C in winters, with substantial snowfall and tempests constraining you to remain inside for a considerable length of time. Whereas the US offers more assortment states like California and Florida that are perpetually warm and dry. 
With regards to everyday costs like lease and utilities, Canada is a far cry ahead, with lower rents and transportation costs. Moreover, Canada is a lot more secure and has lower wrongdoing rates and stringent firearm laws.

#Jobs and career opportunities 
The most significant contrast between Canada and the US as far as business is that it is a lot simpler to seek after low maintenance employments in Canada. In the US, if you wish to work while studying, you should get an OPT (Optional Practical Training). However, the activity you attempt needs to be similar to your field. In Canada, in any case, you are permitted to embrace practically any employment, since your investigation grant bends over as a work license as well. 

#Immigration options
It is a lot simpler for you to get a study visa to Canada than to the US. For students envious of living and working in the nation after they graduate, Canada offers consistent migration alternatives that make it simple for them to get Canadian citizenship. In the US, studying, applying, and getting a green card can be a lengthy, challenging procedure. 
On the whole, we profoundly prescribe that you apply to a blend of both American and Canadian colleges to boost your odds of confirmations. Excepting a couple of minor contrasts, both the nations are nearly the equivalent in the instructive circle. The US and Canada are pioneers in giving excellent education and openings for work and consequently make for a brilliant study abroad goal.