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Top Tips To Make The Most Of Your Study Abroad Trip

Thu April 9, 2020     706

Studying abroad is one of the most significant opportunities for a student. We all know that it is a positive experience; after all, surviving your first year abroad is not the easiest thing to do.


There are many obstacles students have to cross to survive, like language barriers, differences in teaching methods, and money issues. We have come up with top tips that will help you get through this challenging period and survive like a warrior!  


1. Don’t forget to make new friends

It is advisable not to skip the orientation week. It is the best time to meet new students from other nations and build networks and friendships. Be confident and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Also, if possible, join a few clubs and talk to other international students so that you can make your network. This way, you will soon have a good network of friends with whom you can study and socialize.


2. Learn to do things independently

This is one of the most crucial tips. Till now, you were used to that things were being done for you either by your parents or so. But, now you have to step up your game. You have to do your laundry, cook your food, and do your dishes! If you don’t know how to do these things yourself, you should better start learning how to do them. Or else, you will have to face a rough time abroad.


3. Be responsible

It is crucial to take the opportunities that come your way while you are studying abroad. But it is also equally important to behave responsibly while you are abroad all alone. Be cautious, and try not to get involved in any situations that might land you in trouble.


4. Study hard

Studying is an integral part of your college life, and that is why you went to get a better one. Therefore be careful as this is a great opportunity and try not to waste it. To study better, you can go to the library and can become a part of study groups with your course-mates. It is an excellent way to bond with your course-mates, and it will also help you to grasp those tough topics.
Students must join clubs and societies that your university offers as it will shape you for a better future. Make sure you don’t let all the studying fall by the wayside.


5. Stay in shape

By studying abroad, doesn’t mean you should keep studying, but it is vital to take care of your health too. There will be many times during your stay abroad that you will be asked to have a full health test beforehand to prove that you are in good health. Therefore, it is vital to look after your health like eat well, exercise regularly, sleep well, and always keep yourself dehydrated.


6. Learn a new language

If you are moving to Canada, then obviously your English speaking skills will improve. While you are still there, it is a good idea to learn a new language, i.e., French. It is Canada’s second official language. It will be an excellent idea to make an effort to learn a new language. It will help you interact with domestic and other international students. Also, keep in mind that learning a new language will be impressive to future employers.


7. Be a good tipper

It is imperative to learn what locals are likely to tip and what they are tipping for. Try to observe them and then do the same. There is no point tipping for things you didn’t like at first place. It will help you tip appropriately for the service or good you receive and liked.


8. Do let the peer pressure get you

When you are not comfortable doing something, but you feel you have to because some cool students in your university are doing so, well, DON’T! Always stick to your instinct. To look or for some popularity, never let the peer pressure gets you. We would want you to remember your stay as a blissful and a memorable one, and not something like a nightmare.

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