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Top Scholarships to Study in Canada - Part-Two

Sat February 15, 2020     770

In part one, we have discussed the scholarship programs and their requirements and eligibility status, which are provided by the Government of Canada and also the non-governmental scholarship program.
On the off chance that you are looking to study in Canada, you need to make sure that you check out for the scholarship programs which are available to you from your institutions and universities. Canada attracts many international students for its fresh air, abundant wildlife, and great universities. Still, something which is not great about Canada is the amount of cost to study there. For instance, tuition fees are very high, and also the accommodation cost can be relatively high too.
That is the place this manual for scholarships in Canada for international understudies comes in. There are a lot of government-funded open doors that understudies can apply for just as grant assets from colleges and also many non-governmental scholarship programs. Both these scholarships discussed in part one of this guide. So, for part two, we have here for you the scholarship programs which are university-specific. 
Let's plunge in!     

University-specific scholarships

Carleton University Awards for International Students:
If you are at Carleton University for the first time and are eligible for the requirements with a value of 80%, you qualify for the International High School students scholarship program. 

  • Scholarship value depends upon the admission average, which calculated at the time of your admission. 

McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid: 
The Student Aid Office focuses on guaranteeing that certified students from any location are monetarily bolstered in their objectives to enter and finish academic projects at the university.

  1. Pierre Arbour Foundation- Scholarship for Master and Doctorate level study in Computer Science and Engineering: The program is for all the Canadian students and international students who want to pursue a master's in McGill University in the stream of Computer Science, engineering (except the M.B.A. candidates).
  2. Need-based financial aid for future undergraduates: The scholarship is for all the international students who enter the university for the first time to undergo their graduate studies.
  3. Entrance scholarships for future undergraduates:  The program applies to the full-time undergraduate students of McGill University except for the students for transfer, diploma, exchange, and visiting students.

University of Waterloo International Funding: The University of Waterloo has excellent funding opportunities that are available for international students.

  1. University of Waterloo International Student Entrance Scholarship: One of the grants for international students in Canada to twenty global students who admit in the final year of any undergraduate program.
  2. International Master's and Doctoral Student Awards (IMSA/IDSA): The qualified understudies must select the University of Waterloo in M.A.M.A., MASC, M.E.S., M.F.A., M.M.A.T.H. (aside from coursework) or M.S.C. (except coursework) degree program or research-based Doctoral program.
  3. International Master's Award of Excellence (I.M.A.E.): The scholarship will be granted to master's students, entering the student program at the University of Waterloo. 

Quest University Canada: All the international students are eligible for the scholarship program provided by the university ranging from CA$2,000.

  1. David Strangway Award for Excellence: The scholarship program is for those international students who achieved very high levels of academic excellence and also with leadership qualities and services. It provides a full tuition fee for four years.
  2. Presidential Scholarships: The applicant needs to have high academics and also be able to contribute to the community. Students can apply in Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (B.A. & B.Sc.)
  3. LEAP (Leaders in Elite Athletics and Performance) Scholarships: Applicants who are in athletics and Sports programs are eligible for this LEAP scholarship program.

Queen's University International Scholarships: Queen's attracts a community of outstanding student scholars from across the globe. 

  • International and U.S. U.S. Admission Scholarships and Awards: The scholarship program is for international students in Canada who need to enroll in the Queen's University after their post-secondary education. 

University of Manitoba: the University of Manitoba helps international students by rewarding their academic achievements through scholarship programs. 
International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships: Students who are enrolled to undergo their undergraduate degree in university, represented with the scholarship program. 

  1. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship:  This program is for those international students who enrolled full time in their graduate program at the campus and also have excellent skills and achievements.
  2. International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarships: The program offered to those who entering university for the first time and based on a full International Baccalaureate Diploma.
  3. International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (I.G.S.E.S.): The scholarship program awarded to those students who have entered into the first year of graduate studies, and also they should have G.P.A. of 3.5.
  4. J.W.J.W. Graduate fellowship for research in International Relations: Students who enroll in their full-time graduate studies in international relations awarded this scholarship program.

I am wrapping it up! These are the scholarship programs provided in the universities for international students to fund their academics.