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Top Life Tips While You Study In Canada

Thu March 12, 2020     650

From confusion to excitement and anxiety, you must have experienced many different emotions upon being accepted at one of the top Canadian academic institutions. You cannot wait any longer to begin a completely new experience in a different culture. We bring you top tips that will prepare you to make new friends and have life-changing experiences during your study in Canada tenure

1. Take advantage of the college/ University’s online resources

Maybe you are tempted to stay in your hostel room or your apartment, but you could use your time to learn a lot about the college/university or the city. Learn about the transportation method that you will be using, timings, or bus plying on your route and more. Learn more about your neighborhood or about Canadian culture. Usually, academic institute’s websites have a lot of information for international students, making it a great place to start.

2. Make friends

One of the best things about your study in Canada duration is that you meet people from other countries. It will help you improve your vocabulary, and you will learn languages much faster. Do not only hang out with people who speak your language. When you start speaking informal English in your conversations with students from different cultures and countries, it will help you learn the language quicker, and you will have friends to visit in other countries when you leave college.

3. Learn Canadian culture

Canada has different customs that are interesting for an international student to learn. Once you are familiar with the culture, it will be easy for you to interact with people. It will also help you engage in conversations and make new friends.

4. Canadians keep time

Punctuality is important in Canadian culture. If you are running late for an appointment, make sure you inform the other person either through a call or through a text message. If you think you will not be able to keep time, you could cancel the meeting. It is a thumb rule, not to arrive late for more than 10 minutes for an appointment.  
Also, make sure you do not arrive at someone’s place more than 10 minutes early because the host may be unprepared. Just make sure you are always on time so that you do not miss out on anything.

5. Student’s account

Make sure you do your research on student’s account that offers low service fees. You can get a debit card to pay your bills, to make withdrawals, or to make a deposit. You will need a foreign passport, a passport size picture to open a bank account.

6. Get appropriate insurance

All international students need a travel with medical plan that will carter any health care expenses while they study in Canada. Either you can ask your academic institute to recommend certain insurance, or you can visit the government’s website to see what they prefer for international students. A suitable insurance plan will cover accidents or injuries that will happen during your stay in Canada.
Always remember that the best way to enjoy Canada’s student community is to be around!