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Top Healthy eating tips for students studying in Canada

Sat May 2, 2020     707

Studying in Canada is both formative and a fun period of your life. Now that you have left your home to fulfill your educational dreams, you have some added responsibilities on your shoulder- like taking care of your health, working hard for your career, and many more.

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Taking care of yourself now solely depends on you. We all know that when you a far away from your home, eating healthy can be a real challenge. You will have poor sleeping habits because of your assignments, exams, and many more. This can be really dangerous for you. Some students complain that they have gained a lot of weight in their freshman year.
If you think you are going to Canada next week or month, and you are concerned about your health, then don’t worry, this blog will help you remain healthy!


1.    Always plan your meals.

Once you are in college, you will have a variety of options. It is obvious to get tempted for deep-fried comfort foods and desserts. But they are not only bad for your health but your studies as well. When you are not eating anything healthy, then how can you concentrate properly on your studies? Consuming excessive carbohydrates not only results in weight gain but also affects your mental health and behavior. You might start feeling emotionally exhausted, and with all this on your plate, how can you concentrate well in your studies!


2.    Improve Late Night Snacking

Oh! We all have been there! We usually stay up all night and prepare for our exams and have been fallen prey to late-night hunger! When you will all alone in a new country, you will be free to have any snack when the craving strikes late at night. Well, whenever it happens, make a conscious effort to eat healthy snacks like an apple, yogurt, and many more.
Apple and yogurt are the perfect choices for a late-night snack as apple has vitamin C, B6, and potassium. It helps to lower the blood pressure, blood sugar level, and helps you relax. You can also go for berries as they are very high in fiber, and a cup of berries contains less than 100 calories.


3.    Cook Healthy

If there is an option to cook your meal, there is nothing like that! It is one of the most effective ways to know what exactly is going on in your food and can make healthy choices. For example, if you are making pizza for yourself, you can go for wheat pizza instead of whole flour pizza.
Also, by cooking at home, you will be able to save a lot and is a great, personally rewarding experience. Cooking at home will ensure a healthy and balanced diet!


4.    Establish A Routine

When alone in a new country for studies, it is normal to find yourself under a massive pile of assignments, test lists, part-jobs, and many more. While juggling between all this, you will skip meals. Either your breakfast, because you are running late or your lunch, because you have to be at your part-time job on time. Make a proper routine to start your day will breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day. It should include nearly 35% of your daily calorie intake. It will help you restore your glucose levels.
Also, make sure not to skip your dinner as well as lowers the urge for a late-night snack! For dinners, make sure to carbs and extra salty food at night. It will lead to more tiredness the next day! Instead, you can have fruits and vegetables that will help you improve your sleep as well.


5.    Don’t Drink too many calories.

Coca-cola, Pepsi, no doubt, makes you feel refreshing, but we cannot ignore the fact that they are high in sugar and calories. We will not advice you to stop drinking it altogether because of all the bad things it is causing to bodies, but we can suggest you to limit its consumption. Try to dilute them with water or ice. Or the best thing, you can make your drinks, like iced tea using plain tea and lemon and water. For sweetener, you can use honey instead of sugar.
Eating healthy in college may seem like a challenge and may not seem important daily, but it is essential and beneficial in the long run! We hope that you will eat healthy while you are studying abroad.