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Things that you learn when staying alone while studying abroad

Thu April 30, 2020     859

The moment you decide to study abroad, you also have to think about your accommodation. When you see the favorable conditions and finances to stay on your own, it is a decision that allows you to be self-dependent.

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Though it’s not as easy as it seems to be on your own for a couple of months and one may feel homesick and lonely, but soon you get over it. You learn what’s the difference between being alone and lonely. You can be lonely even in a room full of people and be alone all by yourself. Being lonely is just sitting inactive, while alone is managing life activities without taking someone's help.

When you are alone, you are independent; you just have to answer to yourself and nobody else. So if you are recently out for studying abroad and staying alone, there is nothing like it as you will see the change you have and learn from observations.
This write-up talks about a lot of things that you gain when you choose to stay alone while studying abroad:-


Makes you responsible

You realize that you have to take care of yourself, whatever the conditions are. You care for your studies and activities as no one will be there to tell you what to do. You become analytical about your expenses. You wake up and sleep on time. You maintain chores and follow a routine. Gradually you adapt to the conditions, thus learning being on your own and making your identity in the society.


Be with friends and enjoy

At times you can call your friends sans anybody's permission to be in your place and enjoy meals and drinks. But you have to be cautious and be within limits while hosting a party.


Clean your home

Yes, you are paying the rent for the place. However, you have made arrangements by investing money and time to make it worth living. It surely is your home, and you have to take care of hygiene and clean it on regular bases. When you party, you have to clear the mess like a responsible adult.


No restrictions on eating

At times you get carvings of eating things such as a pizza or a hamburger. When living alone, you don’t have to worry about what your parents will say. You can enjoy your pizza time all alone or with your buddies.


Buy groceries and cook your meals

You can head to the local market, buy some groceries, and cook your meals. Cooking keeps you active, and it is a healthy hobby. Cooking is one important skill that can sustain you in any situation and wherever you are.


Sleep peacefully

There is no one to wake you up at odd times or snore alongside when you are sleeping. Neither you have to be told to go to bed. You will have a peaceful sleep and wake rejuvenated all mornings.


Manage your place well

There are times when you will have to install electric devices and fix broken taps. You can use sensor-based lights that get connected to IoT devices. You can’t go looking for the professionals all the time. So you have to take care of installing devices and fixing taps like electricians and plumbers.


Do housekeeping your way

Maintain your place the way you like and decorate it the way you want. You can keep the things and plants of your choice. You can put up the wallpaper you like and make a painting on the wall. Your friends will admire your artwork. They will surely find your place as warm to hangout.


Buy your own stuff

You have to procure merchandise of daily needs. Buying clothes and utensils are requirements, and you have to be good at selecting. Choose things that have a long life as you don’t want to waste extra in repurchasing goods.

Staying alone inculcates responsibility, social and personal, and your mental horizon expands a lot. It is the best time when you can observe, make mistakes learn from others as well as yourself.