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5 Things You Think May Stop You From Studying Abroad

Wed April 1, 2020     714

The moment you think of studying abroad, there are many questions that can cover your mind. These can be of financial nature and may have personal bases. The common thoughts such as will people accept me, will I get part-time work, will I have money and, will I have friends may seem to trouble. They may come heavy on you and hinder your plans as well. But if such thoughts are altering your application process, then you need to think again.
In this write up we are discussing the things that you think may stop you from studying abroad but they really don’t.

1. Finances

Money matters may be the biggest thing that you worry about. If you research well, then you can easily overcome the fear of not having sufficient funds. There are countries which are not as expensive as many. If you choose to study in eastern European countries, they won’t be as expensive as UK or London. Look for scholarships and aids that the government of your study abroad destination provides. Norway is among those that fund education of international students and invites students as a study abroad destination.

You can also take help from your counselor and inquire for the countries with high-quality education and relatively low fees. Use Google if you have come across some colleges and universities, Check if they provide a scholarship and see thereafter if you have the budget to pursue your studies in that nation.


2. Missing things out

friends in abroad

You may feel that you will miss your friends and the good time you’ve spent since childhood. Missing our family and parents, the festivals, birthdays, and weddings will be in your concern. But the big adventure lies on the other side. You are getting an opportunity to learn and become that you have dreamt of all your life. The new learning and exposure is something that you want to gain. Your parents, celebrations, and friends can be attended over the phone as well but not your college classes. Don’t let the idea of parting away or missing your people and celebrations come in between your legendry experience of studying abroad.


3. Breaking the contact

stay connected with friends

Friends are for life. When you think that you will lose them when you go for higher education, then you don’t have to worry. You can make use of technology and contact them at times. Send them a text for a favorable time, because 4 pm can be 3 am in your home country. Use WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and the list continues. There various ways to speak to your friends. The best part lies when both of you are in countries other than your native. You can talk about food, people, classes, weather, and places. So if thoughts of distancing with friends hit you, rethink because technology is there to ward off your this fear.


4. Getting homesick

home sickness

How will I adjust without the comfort of my home? This thought certainly troubles all study abroad aspirants. No doubt, there is no place much better than your home where you have grown for years. But when you are out, it will just take a little while to adjust to your surroundings. When nothing works, you can reach an international student center, and the staff will guide you to get over with the feeling of homesickness.
Within a few days, you will make friends and spend time with them that will let you overcome homesickness soon.


5. It’s not a vacation

studying hard

Your focus should be studying. Some may subside from their objective and want to have a good time. This will not only degrade your scores, but your learning will fall. Don’t waste your time having fun and going around. Attend your classes because you will be assessed for that as well.

Your studying abroad makes a lot of difference and is an impressive factor for many employers. They consider factors such as adjusting to another nation, learning a new language, and knowledge with technology. Your independent living and working, and personality are facts that add to your resume. So let nothing come in between your study abroad dreams. You can contact the counselors of iApply to clear all your doubts before applying for studying abroad.