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The Top Graphic Design Programs In Canada For 2021

Thu May 21, 2020     5866

Modern technology has opened several new doors in the field of education. Over the years, we have seen many new courses and degree programs gain immense popularity among students.

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As we move towards a world where it is challenging or rather impossible to work without computers and technology, we see various new professions gaining considerable popularity in the corporate world.


Graphic Design is a field that has become indispensable to the professional world in the past few years. It is a visual communication process that employs typography, photography, icons, and illustrations. As technology has reached each facet of our life, user experience also needs to be top quality; hence, graphic designers are in high demand professionally.


Several prestigious colleges and universities around the world are offering programs in graphic design, and we can see a considerable rise in the number of students taking up these programs. Canada is a hub of education and technology, and reputable Canadian universities and colleges have been offering top quality programs in the fields mentioned above.

Listed below are the top Graphic Design programs offered by acclaimed institutions in Canada:



The University of Fraser Valley is a distinguished institution, and it offers students a Graphic and Digital Design (GDD) diploma. This two-year-long diploma helps students learn about designing, brand identity, and identity revamping, in-depth knowledge of graphics and related software, interactive designing, visual communication, and so on. GDD is a full-time program that collaborates with MAC studio spaces to foster a better understanding among students. It builds a solid foundation of the basic principles of graphic design. This is a 60 credit program, and the employment results in this field are spectacular. Core skills developed are:

1.    Typography and Illustrations
2.    Digital Design Media
3.    Figure Drawing and Interactive Media Design
4.    Applied Photography and Video
5.    Print and Digital Production



Centennial College offers students a five semester-long advanced diploma in Graphic Design Media. Students get hands-on experience and are guided by industry leaders. From the development of creative ideas to knowing the tricks of the trade, students have a very fulfilling experience while studying this program. The significant aspects of this program are:

1.    Interactive App & Website Design
2.    Motion Graphics
3.    Illustrations and Typography Skills
4.    Understanding the vision of the clients
5.    Publication Designs



OCAD University, Toronto, offers a four-year-long program in the field of Graphic Design. Students learn about the process of visual communication, motion graphics, 2D graphics, typography, interactive design, and so on. They aim to educate students about technical and commercial aspects of the field that helps them in the long run and in the professional world. This course is widely acclaimed for stellar placement and internship opportunities for the students.



 Toronto Film Schools is one of the most reputable film and media schools in Canada. Several programs at this institution have become popular among students over the years, and one such program is the Graphic Design & Interactive Media Diploma. It is a 12-month long diploma where students learn about graphics, various kinds of design, interactive media designs, motion graphics, branding solutions, and so on. Students also get to attend guest lectures and workshops headed by professionals who are industry leaders in this field.



George Brown College offers students a 3 year-long degree program in Graphic and Multimedia Design. The program allows students to build a strong foundation and understanding of all concepts in the field. Students are also given the opportunity of choosing between Communication Design, which opens up doors for a career in corporate design or Advertising Design, which enables one to pursue a career in advertising and marketing.
The courses mentioned above open a lot of professional doors for students. Some of the main jobs one can get through these programs are:

a.    Advertising & Marketing
b.    Package Design & Retail Promotions
c.    Branding and Brand Identity Revamping
d.    Motion Design & Graphics
e.    Information design
f.    Graphic and Interactive Media Design
g.    Communication design
h.    Exhibit design
i.    Fine Art Illustrations & Concept Art Design