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The procedure of applying to study abroad in a nutshell

Mon February 17, 2020     624

A lot of students wish to study abroad and a lot of parents want their children to study abroad. But what exactly do they miss on when they are unable to secure a seat for their beloved child? Well, we at Program Explorer, with our expert counsellors, help to bridge the gap between the student and the institution and get them where they want to.

Study Aborad

Trust your instinct:

When one plans to leave the country for his further studies abroad, there are a lot of suggestions that pour in from every direction as to what one should do and what one shouldn't, what should one read and what should one avoid. Listen to your heart and don't follow others blindly, be it your friends, your relatives or even your parents. Talk to your parents and make them understand as to why you want to be a chef and not a doctor!


While deciding as to what country or the course you want to enrol yourself into, an in-depth research is to be done. A lot of courses and career paths seem lucrative, but what might be right for someone won't necessarily be the correct choice for you. And if you are confused anywhere, our expert counsellors are there to assist and guide you. They match your marks, budget, institution and country preference and the language skills to give you the best results.

In-depth Analysis

The applicant needs to make sure to study the application process of the institute they want to apply into. The application might differ from one university to the other. One also needs to take care of the application deadlines, the SOPs, the transcripts, the visa requirements, the LORs, and so on. This part needs to be perfect because the universities put in a lot of weightage on to an application of a student for their selection or rejection.

Minimum Requirements

Every country and every course has specific requirements, either in the form of marks or expertise, or on the English language test. Check the requirements and meet them well in advance to get into your desired course.


Students can either apply online through the online admission portals of the institutes or at times download and send the documents to the institution where they wish to study. Just make sure that you adhere to the application process and the deadlines, or you might lose the opportunity to get into your preferred institute. But remembering and adhering to the entire process is cumbersome and this is where Program Explorer comes into picture. Our experts make sure to notify about any changes or developments so that you don't miss on anything imperative.


The application process is detailed and requires a lot of submissions to be done from your end. The following documents are required at the time of application:

  1. All academic documents, original and notarised.
  2. All work experience documents, original and notarised.
  3. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL mark sheet, original and notarised.
  4. Passport, first and last page, original and notarised.
  5. Copy of your update Curriculum Vitae.
  6. Statement of purpose.

Your application and your future might be jeopardised even if you miss a single document at the time of application. Come to Program Explorer where the experts guide and then verify all the details before actually submitting the final documents.

Future prospects

Your studies and education, all zero down to the whether you will be able to secure a good and a relevant job or not. Find the course that best suits you and also gets you a job post your foreign education. And while at it, learn and develop new sills, maybe even learn a new language. This was you not only enhance your skill set, you also keep a backup plan ready in case the initial one doesn't succeed.

The experts at Program Explorer can help you and provide guidance about the future prospects and the job opportunities based on the course and the country you are studying in based on the post work visa permits, requirements and other regulations.

Research and look up and find what suits you best. Don't limit yourself but explore the unconventional and chose the course that is right for you.

If you need help, we are there. We understand that it is hard for students and parents to gather all the information about foreign education and come to a conclusion. That is why, we at Program Explorer have a dedicated team of talented experts to guide you on your journey to you dream college!