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Six Reasons Explaining Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Study Destination

Sun February 16, 2020     610

New Zealand is a sovereign island country located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. Apart from being a beautiful country of stunning vistas and diverse natural beauty, it is becoming the new educational hub for international students. Over the past few years, a number of Indian students have been travelling all the way to the beautiful country for education purposes. 

New Zealand is home to a stellar education system, highly accredited qualifications and matchless quality of living as well as great career opportunities. All these aforementioned features make it a top contender for international education, thereby also making it a very popular choice among Indian students.


All the 8 major state funded universities of New Zealand such as University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury and others consistently maintain their spot among the top universities in the world and rank among the top 3% globally. 

All the programs and courses offered by the university and colleges are made to go through stern quality checks and need to be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Another complimentary factor for Indian students is that the universities in New Zealand are based on the British education system and is somewhat similar to the system followed in India.


The universities located in New Zealand have state of the art equipment, top notch research facilities, highly qualified faculty & staff and a vast campus. Over the years owing to the advancement of technology and growth in applied sciences, it has made great progress in fields such as healthcare, engineering, IT, Physics, Geology, computer science, agriculture and many more. 

This consequently provides better career opportunities as it has been surveyed that almost 97% of students graduating from NZ universities score a job and almost 90% of them gain a job relevant to the course or degree they have pursued.


The most important aspect of studying abroad is the exposure and cultural interaction it has to offer. It is a very new experience to be in midst of people from all over the world for it can be called a learning experience within itself. New Zealand has a very welcoming policy for international students and therefore students from all reaches of the world come their for education.

A lot of students from countries like Japan, India, Australia, South America, and Europe have been dwelling towards New Zealand. This makes the overall study experience very cosmopolitan and cross cultural. This multicultural experience widens one’s perspective and expands their horizons.


New Zealand is one of the few countries that have successfully maintained a striking balance between the city and country life. It is known to be one of the safest places in the world especially for students. You can enjoy the pleasures of the city life as well as the leisure of the country side all in one. 

Additionally, Kiwis are often known as one of the nicest and friendliest people in the world. They extend their arms for people of all religions, countries and color. New Zealand is blessed with abundant natural beauty which enables students to take outdoor trips, go for hiking, visit picturesque locations, go for adventure sports and so on.


As compared to other countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe, New Zealand has seemingly affordable cost of living. The country has cheaper housing facility, transportation, education and even the entire expenditure on the course is comparatively less. Public transportation is also a major economical factor for it is very efficient yet cheap and student friendly.


The entrance requirements for foreign universities are becoming more complicated and difficult by the clock. However, New Zealand has comparatively less student traffic as compared to the above mentioned countries and hence it is easier to get in. Even with a moderate set of grades students can seek admission in great universities for they have more capacity than the total number of students.

Apart from the major important factors listed above, New Zealand is home to an extensive history and ancient traditions which is another point to factor in while choosing the place. Anyone looking for top quality education at reasonable price with great facilities should come to New Zealand for it is the perfect place. From flora to fauna and adventure sports there are plenty of very inviting things about New Zealand that can make it the perfect place for higher education.