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Tips To Improve Mental Health For International Students

Mon April 13, 2020     762

"Change is the only constant." We all know it, but seldom are we taught how to deal with a change in our life. Sometimes, a thing as small as shifting to a new house and new surroundings in the same city can cause panic attacks. Imagine the anxiety level of a student who leaves his country to study abroad.


International students go through a myriad of feelings – the happiness of achieving their dream along with the sadness of leaving their family and friends. But one can't stop walking with the fear of falling.

International students also face obstacles like language barriers and cultural shocks. In this article, we will assist you in helping yourselves whenever you feel low.

  1. You are NOT alone – The best part of the experience of an international student is that you will find students of different ethnicities and backgrounds who will be in the same boat as you are. Sure, you can't become friends with all, but talking about your feelings with someone who is going through the same phase as you helps a lot.
  2. Learn the language and study their culture – Communication is an essential part of an international student's life! No one expects you to master the language and culture, but knowing the basics will help you integrate. Also, you will be respected for making that extra effort.
  3. ASK for help – Every university has student counselors who are there to help you. The first step towards recovery is to ask for it. The major challenge of bad mental health is that the symptoms are not conspicuous, especially for those who don't know you. Don't wait for someone to come and help you. Take the step yourself for your happiness whenever you feel the need.
  4. Join group activities – From orientation classes to physical activities or any other according to your choice. Don't be scared of learning a new skill. Man is a social animal, and through this statement, we don't want to undermine the need for privacy. However, healthy interaction with others is vital for your mental health.
  5. Be OPEN to changes – There will be cultural clashes, and you might not agree with many things that are happening around you. Although you don't need to follow people blindly, you also must not shun away or belittle people who come from another culture. Remember, they also need the empathy that you are seeking.
  6. Maintain a healthy BALANCE – While it isn't easy to study all the time, it's also unhealthy to party every waking second. Don't lose sight of your purpose. Excess of everything is bad, and the trick is to realize what to do when.
  7. Don't overburden yourself – You have already taken the courageous decision to step out of your comfort zone for you to realize your dreams. Don't be harsh upon yourself. Go step by step, day after day, and before you understand, everything will fall into place!

The trick is to seek help immediately and over and over again as your mental health is the most important!