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How to Write an Autobiographical Essay for Your University Application?

Sat July 11, 2020     2105

There are many universities and colleges abroad that ask for an autobiographical essay. It is an essay about something that you have already experienced in your life. Even though you have already experienced those moments, it is still challenging to write an autobiographical essay. Writing an autobiographical essay for your enjoyment is a separate thing, whereas, writing for a university application, is a different thing. You have to map out your essay well, and for that, you need to keep specific strategies and points in mind. Below are some important tips that will help you write a winning autobiographical essay.

1. Planning Your Essay

We are sure there might be many stories that you want to tell the admission committee. You need to choose one story that you really want to tell or just want to get out of your system. Therefore choose a story that you really care about telling. Please note, you will be writing a very specific aspect of your life and not the entire life. In this essay, you will only be talking about just one facet of your life that will tell the admission committee about your strengths and all the hardships you faced while working towards your goal. We bring you some of the examples you might want to consider:

• You can talk about your accomplishments like winning a certain competition, graduating from high school,
• An incident that changed your life or your beliefs or your principles,
• A meaningful experience like meeting your best friend, who changed your life for better, learning about yourself, your solo trip experience, and so on.

2. Define the purpose of writing an essay

Think about what you want to achieve with your autobiographical essay. Why do you wish to tell this particular story to the admission committee? When writing for the admission committees, make sure your essay highlights all your strengths clearly, and tell the committee clearly that despite all the hardships that came your way. Always consider the needs and expectations of the admission committee before starting your essay. Make sure to jot down some of the important nuances that you want to include in your essay before you start writing.

3. Make an Outline: 

Now that you have got all your ideas on a piece of paper or your laptop, now is the time to make a pretty good outline. It is a very important step; therefore, it is advisable not to miss it. By creating an outline, you will develop more ideas and eventually figure out if you have forgotten anything.

4. Drafting Your Essay: 

After perfectly outlining your essay, now is the time to draft it. Make sure to write the entire essay in the first person. Using the first-person perspective is important because you are talking about your essay.

It is also vital to start your essay with an engaging sentence. Your introductory paragraph should be very engaging so that the admission committee is hooked from the first line. They will probably have 2-5 minutes to review your application; therefore, your application should catch their eye.

You might want to start your essay with something like, “There I was standing in front of the Merlion statue on my solo trip …”

5. Use vivid details: 

Make sure to use vivid details to describe the setting or an incident to the admission committee. Also, provide context and background needed to understand the rest of your essay. Make sure your essay is so well immersed in vivid details that they are forced to imagine the entire scenario while reading it.

6. Conclude your story: 

Keep in mind that concluding your essay is as important as starting one. Your ending has to be memorable and exciting. You should always end your essay in a way that no loose ends are left. Your essay should reflect perfectly on your experience. You can talk about what you learned from the incident or story of yours.

If you also want to study in Canada and the university has asked an autobiographical essay, we are sure that you will be able to formulate a beautiful essay using the above tips and tricks. If you are still facing some issues, then feel free to call our smart advisors, and they will guide you through the entire process.