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How to study nursing in Canada as an Indian Student?

Wed May 20, 2020     676

Choosing an ideal career path is one of the toughest decisions that students have to make. Students should remember that while choosing a career path, they should make value addition to society.

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Not to forget that, your career choice should also answer the questions such as, ''is it paying you well, or is it making you happy or is it helping you grow professionally and personally?''

If you wish to make something positive in the society and to yourself, then studying nursing in Canada is the best choice. Now the question arises, how to study nursing in Canada as an Indian Student. First, you need to know the benefits of studying nursing in the land of opportunities, Canada.
It is the right time to enter the field of nursing because Canada is accepting internationally studied nurses to be a part of their healthcare system. More importantly, Canada is allowing Indian students to study for nursing. So, let us discuss a few aspects in detail:


a. Better job security

Yes! You read it right, better job security. Students make a career choice thinking of getting better job security, and a nursing course does precisely that. Nursing is a very noble, and therefore, it is not a career but a calling that you are making for yourself.
In Canada, the number of old and sick people is increasing, which means that the country increasingly needs the workforce. To top it all, if you pursue your post-graduation in Nursing in Canada, it means you aim towards honing your skills, and it opens gates to immense opportunities.
b. Become a registered nurse
One of the significant challenges that the Canadian healthcare sector is facing is the declining number of nurses, as most of them are retiring. Therefore, to maintain equilibrium in this case, Canada needs more registered nurses in every province. Indian students must choose to obtain a bachelor's degree in nursing to prepare for a course as a designated course.


c. Improve leadership skills

The future of nursing is inclusive in Canada. Nurses play a critical role in promoting their community's health with the transformation in the roles. Being a nurse in Canada, comes with a lot of responsibility as well such as they have to make decision, educate patients and also help them realize their health goals by developing therapeutic relationships. Studying nursing in Canada helps nurses make decisions independently that are in the best interests of their patients.


d. Healthy work environment

Indian students will notice a massive shift in the working environment of Canada. Sometimes, there are lengthy working hours, and an enormous workload, on the nurses' head. Despite all these things, the respect nurses get for their services, makes the working environment more suitable and healthy for them. Patients are very grateful to the nurses and recognize their efforts immensely.


Career in Nursing

As we have established earlier, that nursing career is not only noble but is also financially and personally rewarding too. It does not only offer job security but a healthy working environment for them. We might always think that nursing is a field that is just restricted to the hospitals, but it is a myth. They are required outside the hospitals as well. Some of the roles or positions are as follows:

a. Clinical Nurse Specialist
b. Staff Nurse
c. Certified Nurse Midwife
d. Nurse Anesthetist
e. Clinical Nurse Specialist
f. Nurse Educator
g. Case Managers
h. Clinical Nurse Specialist,
i. Manager/Administrator
j. Entrepreneur/Consultant
k. Forensic Nurse
l. Certified Nurse Midwife
m. Holistic Nurse
n. Nursing Informatics
o. Military Nursing,
p. Parish Nurse
q. Medical Editor/Writer
r. Supplemental Nurse
s. Research Nurse
t. Travel Nurse
u. Pharm/Med Sales

Now the answer to your question, how to study nursing in Canada as an Indian student, visit iApply and our smart advisors will help you right from choosing the top university of college in Canada to study Nursing, to your visa processing.