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How to make a Statement of Purpose

Fri December 18, 2020     654

Statement of purpose is perhaps a very important aspect of the application to stand apart. Writing an SOP requires detailed information on all your past and current experiences. Canada is a diverse country and is looking for students who can blend into their environment. We look at them in the below basic steps on how to write a winning SOP.

How to make a Statement of Purpose

STEP-1: Introduction 

Before starting, you must have a theme. It means you should try to focus on certain thought process for sop progress. Imagine you are telling your story and which incident led you to study further. In this you can add few details about your family background. Put more focus on self –motivation, passion and potential. Always remember to write in active voice and not passive.

 STEP-2: Academic Credentials/ Professional Qualifications

This paragraph plays an important role as this gives information of either school or college. It is good if you mention all the details including your affiliated board and year of passing. In the same heading you can also mention about any extra circular activities and industrial experience if any while graduating from college. If you have any job experience you can mentioned in the same while adding an extra heading which mentions about your professional experience.

 STEP-3: Why this course?

This step is very important as this will make the visa officer clear about your intentions to visit and motivation to pursue the course. Also you need to mention that why you want to pursue this course from international platform rather than taking it in your home country. You need to have a deep rooted research and open your mental horizons while stating the same.

STEP-4: Why Canada? (Reasons to pursue this course from Canada).

You need to be very specific that why you have selected Canada as your study destination. What are the benefits while studying in a multicultural environment? You can also explain why Canada is better than any other country.

 STEP-5: English proficiency test

Before applying for any institution you need to appear for IELTS or PTE exam. This test depicts your command over English language and the category you fall in. (SDS/Generic).This is a pre-requisite for entering any college or university. 

STEP-6: Why this Institution and intended course from the same?

While explaining this paragraph, you need to explain the specific features of the university or college that attracts you.You can also explain that how this exposure will help you to gain your goals in your life. Also, specify that why you want to pursue this course from this particular institution. Discuss the course curriculum and explain the skills you will enhance during this course.

 STEP-7 Financial Establishment 

In this you can mention how your family is financially stable and you have paid your semester fees including your 1 year tuition fees. This paragraphs sums up annual income of your family including the GIC purchased.

 STEP: 8 Career Goals | Outcomes 

This plays an important role as this clearly specify your goals immediately after the course.Potray your long term plans (10-15 lines) as to employment sectors and job titles.

Always remember that never talk about studying in foreign country for long.You need to explain your ties to home country.

 Sum up what you written, specifying your intentions for visit and also that you are a bonafide student who wish to pursue this course for a successful career.  If you wish to study abroad, then visit iapply.io or can call on our toll-free number, 1800 890 1775