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How To Deal With Problems While Studying Abroad?

Mon March 16, 2020     765

People think that pursuing your education abroad will alter you mentally as well as emotionally. However, this belief which is held by many is not entirely accurate as people will not tell you that being abroad also means that you will be alone most of the time. Whether it is due to the lack of emotional support or due to the language barriers- you will feel very isolated and disconnected from everyone around you.

The most common problems which all students initially face, when they go to study abroad for the first time are:


Language difficulties

Not being able to communicate with your peers in your native language can cause inconvenience and be draining for some students. This leads to students losing confidence in themselves and become reclusive as it becomes tough for them to have a conversation with the other students.

Tips to overcome this problem

To get over your language difficulties, try interacting with students who do not speak your mother tongue. Over some time, you will hone your communication skills, and you will become more comfortable in the language of your host country.

Feeling homesick

Going abroad to study for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience for many, as you cannot go to your home every weekend and get to meet your family and friends. This is a deliberating issue for a lot of students, which leads to a negative impact on their academics and personal life.

Tip to overcome this problem  

Stay in touch with other students who are in the same position as you; this will probably make you feel a lot better as you will have someone to share your problems with. Also, speak with your family and friends back so that you don’t feel cut off from them.

Experiencing loneliness

Studying abroad is a courageous and bold step for anyone to take, as you will have to start your life from scratch once you reach there. Taking this step shows that one is mentally strong and has a dynamic nature, but one can also sometimes feel lonely and isolated due to leaving their previous way of living, family, and friends behind.

Tip to overcome this problem

To stop feeling lonely, you have to be outgoing and try to make new friends from all across the world. This will make you feel a part of a community and let you form a new social circle to rely on emotionally.

Lofty expectation

Studying abroad to pursue higher education can be an expensive proposition for many, due to which the expectations of you and your family can be sky-high. Many people feel that after graduating from abroad, they will be able to get high paying jobs. Once the reality sets in and the students are not able to land in their dream jobs, it can lead to a lot of disappointment amongst your family members, thereby putting a lot of pressure on you. 

Tip to overcome this problem

One shouldn’t have unachievable standards and should manage the expectations which are imposed by your family on you. Always keep in mind that not everything will turn out the way you want it to, and one has to be flexible in their outlook towards life.

Adjusting to a new culture

Mostly going overseas for your education can be a positive and rewarding experience. But sometimes moving to a new country can become challenging for students due to them having to adapt to a brand new culture. This phenomenon is also called culture shock, and many people face it when they turn up to a new country for the first time.

Tip to overcome this problem

Give yourself enough time to adapt to the new culture and be patient with your new surroundings. Remember you will find many things which you will feel nice about your host country’s culture in comparison with your home country’s culture.