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How Overseas Study Experience Can Help You Grow In Your Career?

Thu August 27, 2020     546

Is your next life goal to study abroad? Or are you already there and dealing with an existential problem of how is it going to help you or if was your decision even correct?

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We don’t think there is a clear and direct answer to that but what we do know is that there are many life-altering changes that students experience and everyone takes home what they can and want to.
Living away from home is an exciting adventure in itself. The independence one gets is enough to let anyone trip with joy. But with great independence comes the great responsibility of keeping oneself afloat and healthy. At the same time, one also gets to learn immensely about oneself and their reactions to their surroundings apart from what one had set out to learn as a part of one’s coursework.
Obtaining an international degree and that too from a warm country like Canada (emotionally, not literally) is not just something that upgrades your CV but also gets you the deepest insights for life and a renewed vision for work and life. Studying in Canada gets one accredited by one of the top Canadian colleges and universities with its content-rich courses is something that makes a student stand out in the job market because of the educational methods they have been a part of and the exposure they have had which automatically gets them an edge over others.

It is predestined for an international student to have exponential personal and professional growth. Let’s delve into the aspects that directly affect occupational capabilities.



The fact that one has studied in a country and has lived independently prepares individuals for the unknown; their comfort zone expands because of the unprecedented situations regarding food, weather, money, companions and transportation they have had to face all by themselves. Instances like these enhance adaptability and flexibility and make work life easier. Employers admire these qualities in people who work with them.  



In a foreign country, where an individual thrives on their newly formed support systems, they sometimes make connections for a lifetime, and some even go on to help them in their professional lives. Being an international student is an opportunity to meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and studying can provide various opportunities to work and intern at a variety of companies – from small-scale to global ones which only helps them build, stronger and deeper relationships.


Confidence to work independently 

Living abroad sometimes feels like one has jumped into a pool without knowing how to swim. How one emerges after that is what they actually are as resilient beings, knowing how to run their lives. An experience of living in a country different than where a person was born makes her/him a problem solver and able to find the right people who could solve it for them. From negotiating for one’s needs with friends to living on a shoestring budget to adjusting to the cultural changes, one stands by it all alone. This improves confidence and equips an individual to work independently and have novel ideas to untangle difficult problems. It can even be a source for them to start their own venture down the course of their career.  


For a student in Canada, there are opportunities galore for those wanting to work in their field of study. The academic institutes people are associated with, facilitate the process for getting their students great internship opportunities that also turn into fantastic work opportunities. Otherwise too, the opportunities one gets on getting an international certification brings them the credibility of having a broader and more inclusive outlook on things.

Leadership qualities

A leader is not someone who has always had a bed of roses to sleep on. Hardships develop fortitude. An international learning experience helps in personality transformation into someone who can effectively lead one's own life and those around them. In a professional setup, it is an extremely likeable quality, and every workplace needs people who can guide them towards long and short term objectives.
Being a student in a foreign country can never be any less than rewarding for all aspects of an individual’s life.
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