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Hobbies and Skill That Can Help in Your Career When Studying Abroad

Tue July 14, 2020     1007

Studying abroad is a whole new experience for an individual. Coming to a new country, among new people, and living a new life can be challenging and intimidating. It is a whole new journey where you must give nothing but your best and excel not only academically but shape your personality by learning new skills and hobbies. Learning new things helps you transform into a better version of yourself and therefore, helps you evolve into a wholesome person. Studying in a developed country like Canada helps you gain access to facilities and services that you were not easily available in your home country. 

Moreover, studying abroad boosts your resume and gives you an edge over numerous others with the same qualifications. To top it off, if you learn a set of skills while studying it can help you even further while making job applications or applying for higher education. Even if your too busy with university work to make time for learning something new or something that interests you, you must try to learn something over the weekend. You will be pleasantly surprised how much a single skill can help you when interacting with a recruiter. Listing your hobbies and skills you've learned is also the best way for an interviewer to get an insight into your personality, and your interests.
Here are a few skills and hobbies that can help you both professionally and personally when studying abroad:


Language is the means of connecting one part of the world to the other. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, no matter where in the world you go there will be someone somewhere you will be able to talk to you in English. Learning a language is one of the wisest decisions you will take in your life. As globalization is becoming rampant, learning a language is becoming all the more beneficial. A foreign language stands out in your CV and there are many jobs that specifically require bilingual or multilingual people. Learning a new language can also help you understand various cultures and communicate effectively. For example, Quebec is a French province in Canada where unlike the rest of the country where people speak English, the majority of people speak French. If you're studying in Quebec and you know French, you get an edge over numerous other students who don't speak the language. 


Learning and playing a team sport can be exhilarating, fun, and energizing. It does not only keep you physically fit but also helps cultivate team-building spirit which is seen as an asset by prospective employers. The ability to work cohesively with a team is not possessed by a lot of people and this is a quality that is indispensable when working in an organization. When seeking prospective employees, companies look for people who can work around different kinds of individuals. Learning sports is a great way to come in contact with different kinds of people and work towards a common goal. 


A number of students indulge in volunteer work throughout the course of their degrees. Helping others makes us feel good about ourselves and feel satisfied. Volunteer work reflects greatly on our resume and most employers are highly impressed with a student's experiences of volunteer work. From working at a local charity to a home for the elderly, working anywhere that makes a difference is a great beginning. Volunteering also helps you learn a number of skills such as teamwork, management, effective communication, interacting with different people, and many more. 


Learning new skills can always come in handy in life. Whether you learn how to paint, draw, construct, repair, code, work around computers and machines, all of it benefits you in some way or the other. Learning a skill helps you challenge yourself and your capabilities. It is also beneficial when seeking part-time jobs while studying and is also considered by employers when you apply for a job. Learning new things helps you get in touch with your creative side and helps you evolve into a better, more learned person. 


A very effective way of showing initiative and channeling your passion is by creating a society. When you create a society you have to head and manage a team, work in PR, marketing, communicate effectively, be an orator, and convince other individuals to join your initiative. Being the founder of a society is a very impressive feat and potential recruiters definitely consider it when reviewing your application. 

All the above-mentioned hobbies or skills help you a great deal in your future and also act as successful ways to constructively utilize your time when studying abroad. It not only enables you to learn and do new things but also helps an individual when seeking employment. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you work on honing your skills and hobbies while studying abroad which will in turn definitely prove beneficial to your career.