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Everything you Need to Know About the New SDS Program in Canadian Universities

Sun February 16, 2020     700

Everything you need to know about the new SDS Program in Canadian Universities

Canada is a dream educational destination for students from all around the globe. Every year a massive amount of students from India travel to Canada for higher education as well. From June 8, 2018, IRCC Canada has launched the Student Direct System (SDS) Program. This a substitute of the SPP Program for Indian students and has been curated specially to give a boost to the service visa processing, provide them with the better course and college options.
Scotiabank, a leading Canadian financial institution, is a proud supporter of the SDS Program. To put it in simpler words, Scotiabank is an active financial supporter for students who wish to pursue higher education in Canada. Unlike the Non-SDS institutions which take a longer time to process the visa and deliver results for students, the SDS program is a boon for international students. SDS Programs has replaced the old SPP Programs started in the year 2009. The most significant new rule is the IELTS Score requirements, which are six bands in each module. Another unique part of the state is that the students are required to pay an annual fee instead of the semester fee. 

SDS Program is an honest approach to provide quality education to students who are willing to work hard for their future. Mentioned below are requirements that students need to fulfill before registering under the SDS Program:

  • Minimum IELTS Score of 6.0 in all modules (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening)
  • Students need to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000 from Scotiabank or ICICI Bank Canada.
  • The student is eligible for admission to a full-time program in a publicly funded college or university.
  • No examinations other than IELTS such as TOEFL, PTE accepted as eligibility criteria.
  • The College or University must have a valid Designated Learning Institution (DLI) Number.
  • Payment proof for one year of the tuition fee in advance is required.
  • Valid academic qualification proof.
  • Thorough Medical Examination at least a week before admission with detailed medical reports is required.

The SDS Programs offer a streamlined student visa application process that speeds up the process of visa processing manifold. From April 2019, all applications for the SDS program are available over the web. Students are supposed to get a study permit through the SDS Stream, and no paper applications are accepted. For the SDS Student Visa Applications, the time of processing is typically about 45days, whereas a standard student visa application takes about 60 days to process. 

Every province in Canada has a large number of SDS Registered Colleges and Universities. ABM College of Business and Technology, Academy of Learning Edmonton, Academy of Learning Calgary in Alberta; 7 Academy of Learning Colleges in British Columbia; Assiniboine Community College, Booth University College, Brandon University in Manitoba; Eastern College New Brunswick; 7 College of the North Atlantic campus locations in Newfoundland & Labrador; Academy of Learning in Ontario and innumerable such colleges all over Canada. 

Furthermore, as per the IRCC guidelines, students will require approximately CAD 10,000 per year to cover their living expenses, excluding their tuition fees. The major banks that are accepted as Canadian Financial Institutions are Scotiabank, ICICI Bank Canada, and SBI Canada Bank. In case the visa application for the student is refused under any circumstance, the student must contact their said bank for a full refund of the GIC.  In case the department finds that a particular student is not eligible for SDS Visa, he/she automatically transferred to the regular Student Visa Application process. 

Under the SDS Visa Program, students get more options to choose from in terms of colleges and universities. Formerly, there were close to 47 colleges and universities under the old SPP Program; however, since the establishment of the SDS Program, the number of colleges and universities under SDS has increased manifold. 

In a nutshell, we can undoubtedly assert that the SDS Program is nothing short of a blessing for Indian Students. It provides them a great chance to study at a reputable institution, speeds up their visa process, is more cost-effective, and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain a world-class education.