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Complete Guide to Study in Seneca College in Canada

Mon December 7, 2020     747

Toronto is undoubtedly the most sought-after provinces among the international students to study in Canada. Each year myriad of students travel to this waterfront city of Ontario as it is home to many elite colleges and universities. Among all the popular colleges, Seneca has been crowned a global leader in post-secondary education. It is the only Canadian college to be recognized at the 2005 Academy Award `OSCAR' Ceremonies.

Study in Seneca College in Canada

Salient features of Seneca

  • Largest State funded college in Canada with an impressive placement record.

  • Provides flexible and accessible knowledge from ‘in-class lectures’ to ‘online learning’.

  • Known to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of ever changing job market by reviewing and updating the curriculum.

  • Assists graduates in becoming world leaders in business, industry and communities.

  • The skill and knowledge of Seneca graduates satisfy more than 90% of the employers.


Seneca College is actively leaving a mark in educational sector by providing 146 full-time and 135 part-time programs including 14 bachelor’s degrees and 30 graduate certificates. Students get the opportunity to select programs based on their interests and academic excellence. Apart from providing a platform for regular and part-time programs, Seneca also provides a variety of Training and Employment Services.


First opened in late 20th century, Seneca now has expanded its operations to various campuses across the city of Toronto. Each campus is equipped with latest academic specialties combined with a unique infrastructural appeal. Some of the prestigious sites are:

Newnham Campus

Recognized as one of the largest college campuses in Canada, Newnham campus offers a variety of courses in business, engineering, aviation, early childhood education, fashion, information and communications technology and liberal arts.

King Campus

Located near the lakes and fields of King City, this campus provides students with courses in Applied Arts, Health Sciences and Community Services, Child and Youth Care, Behavioral Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Landscape Management, Recreation and Leisure Services, Underwater Skills, and Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician. 

Markham Campus

Another popular campus is Markham Campus which offers programs in the fields of business, marketing and tourism, and also the college's departments of Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology Services to pupils.

Peterborough Campus

Widely known as Seneca’s aviation campus, Peterborough imparts practical flight training to students with the help of its fleet of aircraft and training devices.


Apart from imparting world-class education, Seneca also provides state-of-the-art amenities in various categories.

Career Advice: Students are taught essential job search techniques and interview skills, which give them an edge over other candidates while marketing their resume to employers.

Learning Commons: Academic and technical guidance is provided to all students including one-on-one tutoring for all subjects along with other services such as computer help desks for special needs.

Food Services: Large pleasant cafeterias of Seneca campuses offer food to the students day and night. 

Fitness Centers: Keeping in mind the increasing awareness of fitness levels among its members latest equipments and regular classes are also provided at almost all campuses. 

Health, Counseling and Disability Services: Student’s physical and psychological well-being is a matter of top priority that is kept in high regards at Seneca. That is why; experienced doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists handle the same at Seneca. Special assistance is also provided to those with disabilities.

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