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The Best Part Time Jobs For International Students In Canada

Thu March 26, 2020     967

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid rise in the number of students travelling to Canada for international education. While living in a foreign land students have to face multiple challenges and possibly have to change their ways of living as they did in their homeland. Studying abroad can be expensive and students have to find various means and ways to financially sustain in a new country. Many students studying abroad manage their basic finances and some of them even pay their tuition by means of part-time jobs.

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Part-time jobs are immensely popular with students, especially international students travelling to Canada for education. The Canadian Study Permit allows students to work for 20 hours in a week and students can choose their hours of work based on their college schedules. Programs with difficult and more intensive schedules require more course work and hence, students work as per their course requirements. Part-time jobs are not just a source of money and financial stability, they also add significantly to students resumes and help them land better jobs in future. It also provides them with a detailed understanding of the intricacies of the professional world.


Students work part-time are paid on an hourly basis as per their work and the average part-time wage in Canada is $17 - $20. Universities and colleges have their own ground rules about students working off and on campus and in most cases students can obtain a work permit after six months of joining college. During vacations and semester breaks students can work, earn and even a number of cases students are able to land jobs within the university campus and if not, Canada has abundant part-time opportunities for students to choose from.


A number of corporations are creating a wholesome working environment to recruit more and more young population. This kind of working crowd is more hard-working, fresh and has more ideas. This writes up deals with the best, most lucrative and most student-friendly part-time jobs for students in Canada.


Rideshare Drivers

One of the highest paying and most popular job in Canada for students today is cab driving. With applications like Uber, Ola and numerous others becoming extremely popular more and more students are working in this field. All you need is a reliable vehicle which does not have to be luxurious or fancy and pass the background check to become a driver. A rideshare driver earns up to $15-$35 an hour which puts this job in a very high paying category.  In the span of a year, there has been a rapid growth in students working as drivers owing to its flexible timings and monetary benefits.


Teacher's Assistant

 It is a common trend in Canada that professors and teachers further hire assistants who help them out with work such as tutoring students, devising assignments and lesson plans, editing and managing paperwork and so on. This job is mostly provided to students who have at least a year's experience in a university or college or in an organizational field. This job helps you earn up to $16 an hour and has little or no fieldwork.



Tutoring is an immensely popular part-time job for students in Canada. From peer tutorage to teaching elementary school students, this job is profitable and also provides knowledge and a great experience. There are a number of ways to get into this job, you can either go solo and tutor students individually, you also have the option of joining a tutorage program and let them find the right job for you. This job is well paying and students can earn up to $25 - $30 an hour and the more students you tutor the more money you earn.



Waiting tables and bartending are one of the most widely preferred jobs by students living in Canada. Owing to the flexible timings of the job and highly profitability many students opt for it. Your wages also depend on the kind of establishment you work for and even though the hourly wage ranges up to $15 an hour you can still make a lot in terms of or tips. Overall, serving or waiting is a great way to earn money for it sharpens your people skills and also proves to be lucrative.



In today's digital age we are seeing a number of people opting for freelance work in various fields. From graphic designers to coders and developers to content writers, freelancing is the new thing. You can take numerous projects and get paid for them accordingly. You do not have to be fixed to a particular organisation and can work and gain experience from anywhere you like. Freelancers can earn up to $25 an hour and work as per their comfort which makes this job even more attractive for students.



Canada is home to a cosmopolitan population from various parts of the world. More than 100 languages are spoken in Vancouver alone and as time is passing more and more foreign nationals are traveling to Canada. Working as a freelance or part-time translator can be great for you as well as you can master your language skills and even improve your interpersonal skills. The pay ranges from $14 an hour and can go to $35 an hour if you find the right kind of job.


Dog Walker

Students coming from a number of countries will be amazed at this job and how well it plays. Dog walking is a legit job in Canada where all you need is to do is be good with pets and available to do this work. This job requires very little commitment which is 30 - 60 minutes at most per day and if you manage to do it with a group of dogs then it's even better. Pet sitting is also a new way of earning money where you have to look after people's pets while they are away. Dog Walking can help you earn 15-16 dollars an hour and the more the number of dogs the more the profit.



This is another extremely profitable as well as a comfortable field to work in. Anyone who likes interacting with children and has certain experience in the field is perfect for the job. This job is comfortable, respectable and well paid. Like a number of other jobs, it helps sharpen your people skills and imparts you more patience. Students with professional CPR certificates should definitely go for this job as it helps boost their resumes. You can earn up to 18$ an hour by being a nanny and it has many other perks as well.



This another popular profession especially with students who are seeking degrees in the field of sales and marketing. Along with gaining experience and earning good money this job enhances a number of other skill such as communication skills, teamwork, coordination and many more. This job also has a number of commission offers apart from the basic salary. A student can earn $15 to $35 along with surplus incentives.



A number of cities in Canada show a high demand for cooks and people who can work in kitchens. Many a time it involves basic cooking skills and if you know certain cuisines and can cook pretty well, it is an added benefit. Cooks can earn up to $40 per day and also get to learn a number of new skills. Students studying courses in hospitality and management can gain valuable experience from such jobs and even add them to their resume.

Part-time jobs are an essential part of your international education, it's not only a means to give you financial stability but a chance for you to learn something new, meet new people and interact with them. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know the ways of a new place and its culture and be a part of the same.