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Best Music Schools In The World To Study Abroad

Fri March 13, 2020     735

You may not be knowing the language of the region where you wish to study abroad. Still, when you decide to pursue music as higher education, it will not only connect to the people around but to everybody globally. The thrill and exuberance of music are such that it breaks the cultural barrier. But to learn music, whether you play a piano, saxophone, guitar or accordion, attending a reputed music school can open doors to many carriers in music. If you are passionate about following your love for music but are unclear about where to pursue your dream, you will get the answer upon reading this write-up. 

The Julliard School, New York

Established in 1905, the Julliard School, in New York City, is ranked at the top position in performing arts education. The tough part about getting in this school is that it accepts on 7% of the student applications. The ones who make it to the Julliard School get an opportunity to learn and graduate with the degrees of dance, drama, jazz, vocal arts, opera, and much more. The school lives with the legacy of producing famous alumni such as David Bryan and Bon Jovi. Not only that, it sponsors 700 live performances regarded as the most promising aspect of the school. 

Royal Academy of Music, London 

To take admission to the oldest music school in the UK, you need to prepare an act in music as it takes students on the bases of an audition. Royal Academy of Music takes students for the courses ranging from a simple diploma to research. The academy has research events that are open to the public, which includes workshops, composure forums, etc. Not only that, the young ones with dedication in music can enroll in the Junior Music Training Program. Sir Elton John is a notable alumnus of the Royal Music Academy. 

The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna 

The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, is amid the largest institution of the world for musical theater and film. It was established in 1817 and trains more than 3,000 students in music and performing arts from 70 nations. It has 115 programs to choose from, and it organizes an annual cultural event where 1,300 artists perform. The institutions have a range of training courses to offer to students, such as specializations in areas of Music and Instrumental Studies, Music Therapy, Movies, and TV, Computer Music and Electronic Media, Breathing, Vocal, and Physical Education among many others.  

Conservatoire de Paris (Paris Conservatory), Paris

Conservatoire de Paris is a famous college for music and dance. Sound Engineering is a unique program that this college offers with two branches of sound acoustics and musical acoustics. Musicology, Jazz, Vocal Disciplines, Improvised Music, and Early music are courses available in this college. Applicants national and international have to take up the entrance exam, and there is age limitation to be checked before applying to this music academy.    

Royal College of Music, London

This music institute holds a legacy of training Grammy award-winning composures, Emmy, and Oscar award achievers. It offers music courses which include Bachelor of Science in Physics and Music Performance, Master of Education, Master of Science in Performance Science, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Master of Performance and more. The college also offers study abroad exchange programs with American, European, Australian, and Japanese universities allowing students to learn about new cultures and develop work in new environments.