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The Best Career Options For International Students In Canada

Wed March 25, 2020     887

Canada has become a hotspot for international education for students from across the globe. The country has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of foreign students in the past few years. A well-balanced economy, amazing employment opportunities, friendly people, picturesque locations, and great academic institutions, Canada has become a favorite among students. Most of the students graduating from Canadian universities gain jobs within the first six months of graduation.

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Research shows that the number of job vacancies in Canada rose from up to 15.1% from 2016 to 2017. The country has been generating more and more employment avenues for students with each passing year. Quebec and British Columbia are the leading provinces in terms of job generation and have been attracting massive student crowds. Studying in Canada is the foundation stone for getting a permanent residence and landing a great job further puts you on the right path. Getting a credible and high paying job in Canada is the primary prerequisite to having a prosperous life.


It is important for students to assess their interests and weigh in all potential opportunities before deciding to take a particular program. Along with carefully choosing a university, a student also needs to understand that working hard and grabbing the perfect opportunity is also very important to land the perfect job. Listed below are some of the best career options for international students in Canada during the present times.



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Engineering is one of the popular career options with international students in Canada. A strong majority of students traveling to Canada for education choose engineering as their career preference and therefore, Canada boasts of some of the world's most stellar engineering colleges in the world. Universities such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill university are a few such institutions that have garnered accolades around the globe. Tuition fee is another factor as Canada is one of the more affordable countries as compared to the USA or Australia. The number of job opportunities in this field is countless and with a specialization, you can land an even more high paying job. The employment opportunities in this field are abundant and are increasing manifold day by day, thereby making it an ideal professional choice.


International Business


As the world around us is changing constantly so are its professional dynamics. Business management has changed the dynamics of global economies and help students gain an understanding of how businesses function and rise in an international market. Understanding the cultural and economic environment is what international business management is all about. Canadian universities and colleges such as UBC, University of Alberta, Centennial College, University of Toronto and various others have excellent business programs. These programs can land you in a number of jobs such as business analyst, supply chain manager, product manager, business executive and many more.


Health Care Providers

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As technology is advancing more and more people are choosing health care as a profession. Nurses are considered the primary health care providers along with the doctors and therefore, this profession is held in high regard. Along with nurses, there are a number of other professions such as physical assistants, midwives and doulas and various other professions come under this canopy of health care providers. The number of people employed in this profession has increased by 75% in the past four years and many people continue to venture into this field.



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Law is considered as one of the best profession for the future in Canada. It is a high paying and respectable job with a great demand for it among people. From litigation to commercial and corporate law, lawyers are indispensable for the society and shall always be popular among people. THE ranks the University of Toronto 16th, McGill University 13th and University of British Columbia 17th in the field of law. A number of international students traveling to Canada are taking up law as a profession and gradually, it is becoming more popular with them.


Doctors And Physicians


Canadian health care system is a state of the art and doctors and physicians are one of the most lucrative and respectable professions. Canadian physicians earn up to $339,000 a year but the whole process of gaining a degree and beginning practise is extremely healthy. There are 17 medical schools in Canada, one needs to gain admission in an accredited school through the MCAT examination which is a prerequisite for most schools. After passing the license exam and completing residency a student is capable of seeking a high-end job.


Data Analysis


In today's world, data is the backbone of any corporation. Data analysis can be referred to as the study, modification, cleansing, transforming and modeling of data. It helps to make major business decisions according to the customer base and in turn, brings profits. A number of Canadian universities today are venturing into this field and more and more people are choosing these programs.


Sales And Marketing


Sales and marketing professions have seen a considerable amount of growth in the past few years. As technology advances, we see a number of different verticals in the field of sales and marketing such as digital marketing, strategic marketing, sales research, analysis and many more. In today's world, marketing has become increasingly different and more technology-driven, a marketing professional today needs to be well versed with social media marketing, SEO and data analysis. A number of students are becoming more career-driven and redirecting their creativity to such professions and travelling to Canada to gain degrees in the same.


Hospitality And Management


The field of hospitality and management has seen rapid growth in the past few years. The Canadian Tourism Industry has turned out to be extremely lucrative and therefore, more and more youngsters are venturing into this exciting field. A number of colleges in Canada have started programs in this field and international students from all around the globe are applying for these programs. Students have options to gain a number of Canadian degrees such as a diploma in hospitality and management, advanced diplomas and others which equip them with industry-related skills that help them in the long run.

Along with the above-mentioned career options, Canada is resplendent with all kinds of professional opportunities. Whether you wish to study to be a carpenter or a scientist, the Canadian education system has something to offer for every student coming to gain new experience and build a new life.