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15 Most Beautiful University Campuses In Canada

Wed March 25, 2020     6114

For thousands of students who have to take a decision on selecting a university, the final decision is most often down to the aesthetics and the architectural beauty of the university.


Canadian universities are considered some of the best with regards to the educational standards and are also globally renowned for having exceptionally picturesque campuses.

In this blog we will be listing the Universities with the most beautiful campuses in Canada:


15. McMaster University, Ontario

Situated in the port city of Hamilton, in a residential area called Westdale village, McMaster University is located within the “Golden Horseshoe” region of Lake Ontario, Canada. The main campus is flanked by the Wetland Cootes Paradise, the university botanical gardens, a wildlife sanctuary and the shores of Lake Ontario.
Near the main campus, there are a number of bike paths, hiking trails and also the University sits at the foot of Niagara escarpment, less than an hour from Toronto.


14. University of Windsor, Ontario

The University of Windsor sits in between two very contrasting lands. One one side is residential areas of Windsor, Canada and on the other is the bustling port city of Detroit. The buildings on the 51-hectare campus offer a stunning view of the Detroit skyline and also it is the home to a beautiful small nursery that contains many of the plant species to be found in the Carolinian forests.


13. University of Manitoba

Established in 1877, the University of Manitoba is Western Canada’s oldest University. It is referred to as a city within a city and it is the home to one of the largest indigenous student populations in Canada. The main campus of the institute is situated in Winnipeg and with traditional and modern buildings, lush green spaces and tree-lined pathways, the University of Manitoba truly enjoys one of the most picturesque and gorgeous surroundings in the country.


12. University of Toronto

Situated in the heart of Toronto, the campus at par with the campuses of some Ivy League schools. The buildings of the institute are spread all across Toronto city and the building architecture is a refined combination of Romanesque and Gothic Revival, with the main attraction being the University College Building. The Convocation Hall is another centerpiece with a domed roof and ionic pillars. Also, there are a lot of green spaces and interlocking courtyards for a student to enjoy their study breaks.  


11. Acadia University

Situated an hour away from Halifax, Acadia University is without a doubt Canada’s most picturesque and beautiful colleges. Acadia is located in one of the quintessential college towns in Canada and offers a stunning view of the Bay of Fundy and the Annapolis Valley. The 220-acre campus acts as a rich natural environment and campus students will find plenty of vineyards, farmlands, woodland hiking trails and also biking trails.  


10. Lakehead University

Once you have a look at the buildings of Lakehead Universities Thunder Bay campus then you are most likely to notice a lot of windows. This was done so that the students and the faculty could have a glimpse of the stunning nature on offer at the campus. The institute is located on the shores of Lake Tamblyn, Canada, and the 116-hectare campus is mostly green spaces with lots of greenery and local wildlife.


9.University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is known across the globe for having one of the best medical programs, but according to us it also has one of the most stunning and beautiful campuses in Canada. The institute was established in 1907, and many of its antique and picturesque buildings are still there. These buildings were constructed with the help of limestone and they look over the campus main green space, the bowl.


8. Dalhousie University, Halifax

Dalhousie University has three campuses in Halifax and each one of them is absolutely gorgeous. The institute's traditional atmosphere is characterized by its exquisitely maintained grounds, flawless landscapes and historic buildings, at the heart of which is a tree-lined quadrant that serves as a perfect study area.


7. McGill University

This University was established in 1821, Downtown Montreal at the foot of Mount Royal, Canada. Despite its urban location, McGill provides its students with a lot of green spaces and stunning views of Mount Royal. The campus buildings are inspired by 19th-century architecture, thereby making McGill one of the most picturesque universities in Canada.


6. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is surrounded by forests on three sides and by the sea on the fourth side. Wreck Beach, one of Canada’s coastal hotspots, has two entrances on the main UBC campus. Situated just twenty minutes away from downtown Vancouver, the campus has a little community of its own, complete with all the necessary amenities. The easy access to mountains and beaches of Canada make the campus extremely popular amongst all the students.


5.  Queen's University

This university is older than entire Canada and it was founded in 1841  by a royal charter issued by Queen Victoria herself. The campus is known for having beautiful limestone buildings and magnificent  architecture, and also the fact that it is situated next to Lake Ontario makes it very popular amongst students


4.University of King College, Halifax

The University of King College is a historical and beautiful Canadian University, and it is famous for being the first English language institute in the Commonwealth (outside Britain). The original campus was destroyed by fire in 1920, but today's campus is just as remarkable as ever. Prominent buildings include the State and Administration building, student residence halls and the breathtaking chapel.


3.Western University

Located along the banks of the Thames River, Canada, Western University is also popularly known as University of Western Ontario. The sprawling campus of this institute provides a huge opportunity for both quality student living and aesthetic joy. The campus buildings are a great combination of traditional and modern architecture and provide just about any kind of amenities which the students may require. The best part about this university's campus is the plenty of open space for students to study in or to enjoy their recreational activities in.


2.Bishop’s University

This university's campus spans over 500 acres in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada. This institute is only one of the few academic institutes in the province which teaches it’s academic curriculum in the English language. Bishop’swas also one of the main filming locations for the critically acclaimed movie “The Covenant”. The campus offers students both natural and man-made aesthetic beauty in abundance.  Also, Bishop’s is popularly known as the “Oxford of Masawippi” as it is situated in between Massawippi and St Francis rivers.


1.Royal Roads University, British Columbia

The campus looks like something straight from a medieval fairytale. This institute is comparatively new and it was founded in 1995.
It is situated in the gorgeous and scenic Victoria, Canada, on a property which is a segment of Hatley Park National Historic Site. Although the campus is quite young, it is home to Hatley Castle,  one of the most breathtaking academic buildings which you will ever come across. This building was constructed in 1908 and it became a part of the Royal Roads as soon it was founded.
Fun Fact: Hatley Castle has been used as a location in a number of television films and shows such as Arrow and X-Men.