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study Aborad iApply: an Artificial Intelligence-based instructive application stage that is focused solely on providing the students the best suited academic institution as per their requirements.

We at iApply aspire to guide students and help them with every detail however major or trivial in order to achieve their dream international degree. With the assistance of our team of trained professional advisors, academic counselors and the artificial intelligence database we leave no stone unturned to find the best college for our students.

In the wake of this, iApply has further simplified the process for its users, outperforming twenty years of experience and success by developing: "ETRACS"

  • ETRACS short for Enterprise Tools and Resources for Advanced Customer Services , is an exclusive programming software tool that serves as a record keeper of student profiles, their applications, preferences, application status and more.
  • This software eases out the tedious process of managing multiple details while a student applies for higher education abroad.
  • From its ideation and development to its implementation and utilization our experts have put in their creative and academic best towards ETRACS.
  • Our expert professionals have a full-fledged record of every student and hence the students can leave it up to us to look into the technicalities of their admission process and we will keep them updated as well as request them to produce the required paperwork when necessary.

The application process can be befuddling as well as daunting but you need not panic we're here to help you! The due dates, application paperwork, application expenses, instructive reports, SOPs, LORs and other important issues need to be addressed on time and with precision.

Once we have carefully considered your choices and shortlisted a select few universities matching your profile we then discuss with you about your preferences, complete your application process and even communicate with the institution on your behalf. Once our student has received the formal letter of acceptance from the desired college/university, we even help you out with managing the finances, depositing your fee and visa applications where our Visa Guidance Officer and his team will guide the student at every step.

It is due to this dedication and unhinged spirit that our team at iApply has managed to guide, research and process over 40,000 plus student applications!

Student Advisor

The motto of iApply is Search, Select, Apply.

Another important aspect of iApply is the Student Advisor Program. If a student with prior experience with colleges and universities abroad wishes to help out another one looking for the perfect college he/she is most welcome. This way, students may not only receive relatable guidance from a fellow student but this also is a great opportunity for the Advisor to earn money.

  • An advisor can sign up with us and apply for multiple colleges with a single universal application of the aspiring student along with the application fee of each institute.
  • As soon as all the technicalities are done, our team at iApply will manage the student's profile and update the Advisor in case of any successful result.
  • Once the Advisor has successfully helped a student in securing admission to the desired institution he will be commissioned within a span of 2-3 days and this process can continue as long as the Advisor succeeds in bringing more applicants.
  • The Advisor reaps a huge benefit with what an possibly be called minimum effort and hence this process can bring in more incentives as well as help the Advisor to build a reputation for himself which can help him secure more applicants in future. Once the aspiring student fulfills all the requirements and manages to go abroad the advisor receives his share of counseling fee and hence iApply helps both the student as well as the advisor as per their personal interests.


Application Procedure

The Artificial Intelligence system at iApply allows the advisors to register at multiple colleges/universities and various programs with a single application base. Students just need to make sure to submit the form with the fee for each institution and program they want to apply for. Once the form is submitted and the fee is deposited, you are all set to go!


Application Evaluation

Experienced team of iApply evaluates the application form of each candidate and check for any discrepancies. Furthermore, the applications are submitted to the partner institutions on behalf of the student. If the application lacks any necessary information, then the iApply team informs the student advisor on their dashboard or via mail to make it complete and submit it again.


Letter of Acceptance

By utilizing iApply platform to present your application forms, understudies can anticipate that there is almost a 95% shot of acknowledgement. When we get the LOA, inform the student advisor and forward them the confirmation package.


Visa Application

On getting the confirmation package, the student counsels ought to connect with their students to assist them with the visa application and the travel-related procedures. Any adjustments in the visa procedure or the prerequisites are promptly informed to the students so they can be guaranteed that our advisors will be with them at each progression of their expedition.



After the confirmation of the enrollment, within 2 to 3 days consultant will be credited with the incentive in the student advisor account for the same. The student advisor can earn according to the work they put in.

Therefore, becoming a student advisor is more like a win-win deal where the student advisor can earn money and also help build a person's future at the same time. Students can monetize their acts of kindness which works equally well for both the advisor the aspirant.

Become an ADVISOR

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